Bloomingdales coupon codes?

  1. omg gonna be serious damage to my bank account!! anyone know if they have same exact stuff online at the stores? and do u need print the 20%off coupon to the store?
  2. Thanks for posting!! Great deal!
  3. It's 17.95 to be shipped out to you, and to return it it's only $6.95!?]

    For those who have orders over $200, try "BLSALE". If it doesn't work, call them or email them and they should give you free shipping.
  4. Good online deals also. I got a pair of JBrand Jeans that were on sale to begin with then they had 30% off, then I had the F&F 20% for a total of $69.00!!!
    Online code for FF is BCFF
  5. I used BCFF for the 20% friends and family but i couldn't apply my BLSALE even when my total was over $200. I called yesterday and the woman said she'll check it out and I should call the next day. So i just called today and I spoke to Tenisha who applied my BLSALE which meant free shipping & handling over 200$ and also 50$ off 200$ purchase!
  6. didn't BLSALE expire on Tuesday?
  7. Wow, that's great that the BLSALE works.
  8. it was really weird how the add'l 20% f&f worked in the store. i asked the sa for it on top of the 40% off akris punto pants in designers and she said no. however, at the handbags section, they were willing to give me the add'l 20% on top of the 40% off bags. and i guess it worked for the shoe dept too?

    does anyone else have this experience at the store?
  9. I'm trying to buy a sale item too but i'm a little confused. Do we get 50% off sale items and then 20% off witht he fnf code?
  10. I just placed an order with the fandf code which worked great and called immediately afterwards to get them to adjust the shipping charges ($15.95! ouch!) with the BLSALE. I didn't ask for the extra $50 off since I felt like I was pushing my luck asking for an adjustment with an expired code.
  11. Excellent! Just got a shipment on my Marc Jacobs zip clutch. The discounted price was good and it's my first. I can't wait for it's arrival.
  12. How amazing. They wouldn't put the $50 off, I wonder if I should call them up.

  14. I do not have a free shipping code but I do have a 25$ off $100 purchase code (got it with my on-line order from them). I believe this is one time use, not valid on beauty or home purchases, valid until 12/31/08: XS0KL0HH2X3H.

    Hope someone can use it :smile:
  15. thanks tanya^luv^purse, I'll be using your code for a purchase. Thanks again!