Bloomingdales coupon codes?

  1. SORRY typo its either FANDF or BCFF It includes sale items too.
  2. Oh great thanks. Does anyone have a code for free shipping?
  3. Does anyone have a code for free shipping? Their shipping prices almost defeat the purpose of F&F.
  4. Oh my! $17.95 for shipping?? How ridiculous...
  5. I hate ordering from Bloomingdales and Jcrew, their shipping fees are crazy.
  6. Thanks for the codes.... however, does anyone know -- I'm trying to purchase some sale stuff, and the percentage discounts are off. For instance, a 61.99 item that's supposed to be 50% off gives a discount of $24.79. Which is not 50%.
  7. ^try to call their CS maybe they can adjust it for you.. someone on the general handbags subforum also experienced this..
  8. id rather have the 24 dollars than the 31.... :smile:
  9. Beauty products are excluded :tdown: I confirmed with Customer service
  10. They are taking the 20% off first and then taking 50%. It works out to be the same price if you do it the other way (50% first, then 20%). Took me a while to figure it out.
  11. Thanks, chinky! You are so smart! I was certain they were trying to gyp me! I did the math like you said, and it looks like I get the same total.
  12. That's such as a good deal. The 20% off can be stacked up to the extra 30% off (and extra 3% from *bates).
    Got my mom a Ralph Lauren jacket for her bday at $91 which was reduced from $290..but the shipping fee kinda :tdown:

  13. I know...I have not purchased anything from them because of this. :tdown:
  14. It is worth going to the store for the friends and family. I just got back and I bought coach boots that were $398.00 but on sale for 40% off, then I got the F&F 20% discount, came to $191.04
    That had alot of stuff on sale, so it was worth it when you get the added 20%.
  15. i did some damage last night right after i got an email from bloomies....

    i couldn't find any free shipping code, but it was fun shopping!! yeah, shipping was stiff...... i wish i was at the store shopping....but think about the two hr drive back and forth and deal with my kids there.....totally worth paying the $16 shipping! LOL