Block at Orange Off saks...

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  1. Hey anyone been there lately... What do they have?
  2. I was there on vacay about a month ago and it was all rasta with one saddle/lipstick westfield...
  3. I'll be there this week - I can report back. Probably wont get there until Wednesday (when the coupon starts) :P
  4. ^ Definitely report back Yvonne!

    If you happen to see any ancona clutches in any color or love collection cosmetic cases, please put it on hold!
  5. Please report back!!! that would rock my socks off!
  6. I tried calling another out-of-state Off 5th to do a charge send and they told me that there was no way to use the current 30% off coupon. They said that they had to physically have the coupon. Has anyone been able to use the coupon for a charge send or have they been getting the same story as I did?
  7. ^^I once faxed them in.. you could try this one, that way it is "physically" there.. :tup: and the other time, the SA just asked me the barcode number over the phone..
  8. ^ I've done charge sends from a couple different off 5th and it really just depends on the store/manager. Sometimes they are cool with just the barcode, sometimes they want a fax, and once I just mentioned the coupon and the sa gave me the discount without bothering for either. Like indi said, see if you can fax them, that would probably be best when the store wants it "physically" there.
  9. don't understand why they gotta be so picky about these things. just give us the d*mn coupon ! sheeshhhh...
  10. ^ ITA, I mean, why do they need the coupon faxed to them? If you mention the coupon, you obviously know about the discount/got the email, so why does it matter? It seems like they are discouraging making sales!
  11. Yeah, that's silly. A coupon is a coupon.
  12. I went to an off saks. not the one at block of orange and they had gotten in a bunch of the ombre checkerboard... and you know what I kind of like it. they had an exeter, and I really have wanted one of those, and i was thinking that maybe i'd do the checkerboard... I don't know I am still on the lookout for the cheetah rowington, but maybe a checkerboard exteter could also be a Neutral
  13. You know the Exeter is the only bag I like in Ombre Checkerboard? I think it's because the darker part is on the bottom of the bag so it's not so noticeable. But other times it reminds me of a taxi cab!! Lol

    I really want to go to my Off 5th and see what they have. I was tempted to go today....had the coupon in my purse and everything but I refrained.
  14. Okay ladies:

    Inventory report:
    Lamb checkerboard
    Esquivel $ 349 (3 avail)
    Mandeville $299 (1 or 2)
    oxford $429 (3)
    Westfield, Commodore: $399 (2 each)
    Montego and Rowington: $349 (2 each)
    Exeter $389 (i think 3)
    Morant $199 (4)
    Carlisle Clutch

    At least two large clutch wallets and key pouches available
    Nude Glazed:
    Glazed Love Pavia Flap (2 Avail)
    Lucca Bowler (2 avail) $499

    1 - Frosted / Silver Pavia Flap

    Still there:
    Kensington Sutton Tote (a few - all brown and brown/smoke?)
    Kensington Knotting Hill
    Rasta Esquivels, a few other bags - don't remember which ones, but they've been there awhile.
  15. Thank you so much yvonne!