Bling alert - vegas paddy on finds

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  1. Vegas Paddy for SALE!!!!!!!! Just posted on FINDS!
  2. #2 Aug 19, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2008
  3. OMG, cannot believe that she is selling this:drool:
  4. It is one stunning chloe.. just gorgeous.
  5. moving to shopping!

    But OMG :drool::drool::drool: I can not believe that is on eBay!!!!
  6. OK, thanks... SORRY! I was too excited to consider WHERE I was posting!

    And I know! You should BUY IT! :woohoo:
  7. SOMEONE from TPf should buy it - anyone, just so I can get some work done today and stop dreaming up elaborate schemes for getting this bag. :P

    If only I still lived in the Uk....or maybe if I just flew out to the US and collected the bag...I could always sell a kidney or something to be able to afford it :roflmfao:

    Thank you for sharing this though Ellie Mae, it's a great find!
  8. ^^^ All possibilities qwerty LOL.. I do hope a TPfer gets this though it is stunning.
  9. Has to be a tpf'er there should be a law or something
  10. It SHOULD be a Chloe girl. I have been too bad lately to go for it but I might need to borrow some of Qwerty's ideas. Do you think you can get a jewelry repair guy to put in more diamonds???? I love that the key has diamonds too. I just LOVE diamonds!!!

  11. Div ~

    You really should have this one. :supacool: You love that Edgy Blingy Look. :nuts:

    I think it has your name on it! :graucho:

  12. I believe you can order/buy loose swavorski crystals at local bead shops and glue them one yourself....

    Am still:drool::drool::drool:...
  13. yes you can get replacment crystals to glue on, just take the lock and key to a jeweler and i reckon they could do it!
  14. I am sticky to BAN....real bad, all my money gone to somewhere else. Bag is gorgeous! I will "tearful" if I have to part with it....will someone in our forum buy it please???
  15. My other thing is that I just bought a cheap but lovable argent silver hobo Paddy with a silver lock. It had ink stains all over the lining and some metallic rub off but I didn't care at the price I got it for. Now it is oddly one of my favorite bags and I must post a pic soon. Of course the Vegas Paddy isn't in the same league - it is a superstar. Strange how the timing hits right when I am at a low point financially. Someone get me a job scrubbing toilets. Clean toilets.