Bleeker triple zip

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  1. Hello so I was just looking at the stage coach website and noticed the blewecker triple zip cross body. It is so cute and the three compartments are such a great idea. The price is really good too. Does anyone know if they will make more colors? Would love to see it in love red and black and cornflower.
  2. Sorry for the misspelling I'm on lunch break using my iphone
  3. It's really cute indeed. Maybe you can call JAX with the style number and they will let you know which new colors are expected and when they will hit the store or be pre-ordered. They are pretty good letting you know about their products, I have done that in many ocassions and just waiting for next month to be able to get/pre-order a couple bags :smile:
  4. I ordered the camel/pink ruby this weekend and should have it tomorrow. Call your SA or JAX and have them look at all the colors in stock and future colors too.
  5. That's awesome thank you for your comments. Can you post pics when u get the bag please?
  6. YW, yes I will make sure to post pics when it arrives. I am very excited to see it.

  7. Ooooh! Exciting! I can't wait to see!!!
  8. Love, love, love the triple zip!!! I'm also waiting to hear if it will come in any other colours... hoping for Pink Ruby and Mulberry... although then it will be hard to choose between those AND lemon and sea mist... sigh. Coach is making it tough for me this season...
  9. Do you know if this is pebbled leather? Thanks!
  10. Yes it is pebbled leather.
  11. Thanks for the reply...Can't wait to see your pics!
  12. I prob should of said I was told it was pebbled leather but who knows until you open the box, lol.
  13. So true!! Sometimes Coach is like a box of chocolates...:lol:
  14. Lol
  15. Saw this one IRL at my store...very cute small bag! Already have sea mist mini preston so I didn't get it but it is a terrific crossbody option.