Black vs Black

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  1. Quick question....would you own more than one black bag if it was the same style but different leather and size?

    For example....

    28cm Black Box retourne with gold and 32cm Black Vache retourne with gold
  2. Yes, most definitely.
  3. Absolutely!
  4. Not for me. Unless I really do have that extra money...
  5. Only if the hardware was different.
    For example - 28cm sellier BBK with GHW
    and a 32cm retourner with PHW.
    One is dressy while the other is more casual: workhorse
  6. You have to decide if you would wear them different ways. Would you reach for one rather than the other for different situations/events?
  7. No, unless I so damned much money that I was looking for ways to spend it and I had a closet the size of most folks living room.
  8. Tanker.....yes, I think one would be a workhorse while the other a more "lunch date" or "I'm in the mood to carry my box Kelly today" type bag...KWIM?
  9. LMAO!!!!!!! I love this....
  10. Same style different leather no
    Varies style n different leather yes
  11. Dear S'mom, here's what I would do ( did!)
    Get the iconic BBK and for fun/ workhorse get a color.
    Hermes created such gorgeous colors...if you really prefer a dark neutral consider indigo ( looks richer than black in Clemence ) , graphite, or any other color that makes your heart sing.
  12. Yes, good point Texasgirliegirl!

    I'm such a neutral girl that a color would need to be really almost neutral! LOL!
  13. All but one of my bags are black. I have a 28 cm and a 38 cm Steve in black clemence. I wouldn't mind having a 40 cm HAC in box and another one in togo or clemence.

    If you wear all black, the materials and textures seem to make more of an impact.
  14. I would if it's different styles or different sizes like sellier vs retourne or 28 vs 32.
  15. ^ This is a great suggestion. I think two blacks of the same style is a bit repetitive, maybe indigo would work as an alternative.