black phoenix alchemy lab

  1. has anyone tried their scents before? Im interested in buying some limited edition ones, but I have heard some bad/good things about them.
    heres the website if anyones interested

    any opinions? or reviews?

    thanks :biggrin:
  2. Bumping this because I'm interested as well.
  3. I was surprised to see this bumped up from so long ago! I'm glad to say that I am no longer a BPAL virgin, and am an official addict! I have quite a few imps of my own now! Needless to say, I am obsessed with everything they put out because it is all so unique and fun to try. If you have any questions about BPAL, ask away and I'll do my best to answer them. The BPAL forums are also a really great place to ask questions. Everyone is really nice and helpful there.
  4. Yeah I was looking at their forums and watched a couple of Youtube videos about their products and decided to go ahead and order some samples, I got: Alice, Marie, White Rabbit, Amsterdam, and Snake Oil. I hope I at least like some of them, but the number of scents that they have is really dizzying.

    I noticed after I placed my order that there is a limited edition for March that I might like to have, and I know the LE's don't come in the sample sizes, it was the White Chocolate Violet I think. Do you know how long they keep their LE's around? Should I go ahead and just order it?
  5. wow, i'm intrigued! i love the name for one... maybe i will order some samples as well.
  6. The particular LE one you want is going to stay live until March 13, so I would go ahead and buy it now if you really want it. Sometimes they keep the LE scents up a few days after they said they would take it down, but I wouldn't risk it. Depending on what kind of LE item it is they can keep them up anywhere from a few days to a month.
  7. Hmm, I guess that answers my question then, thanks! Darn it, I should have just ordered it in with my imps, but that's what I get for exploring around on the site after I place my order. They just have too darn many to pick from!
  8. ha! I know, BPAL is super addicting. I have pretty good control though and I never order full bottles unless I try an imp of it first and fall in love with it. The only ones I sometimes buy without trying are the Lunacies. I get my imps from decant circles on Livejournal which makes it a lot cheaper too.
  9. ^^ Yeah I think I'm gonna have to start looking into swapping or buying off of other people, because I can already tell right now, I'm gonna get into so much trouble with this company :sweatdrop:

    I'll also be sure and come back on here and post reviews of the ones I ordered.
  10. Wow, I'm surprised to find so few ladies here who are also into BPAL. I placed my first order on Oct. 14 and I've accumulated ALOT since! Bpal is VERY ADDICTING, but I have always een a scent addict so I guess that is why I got into it right from the start! Would love to see more tpfers enjoy Bpal!
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    I'm a BPAL'er too! Attended my first Will Call in October of last year and I've been hooked ever since! I've collected about 64 bottles to date and I swear the imps/decants multiply! My first 5ml bottle was Snake Oil (a gorgeous, sexy vanilla) and it has aged beautifully.
  12. ^^ Awesome! That is one oil I don't have in my collection yet! Is it similar to Snake Charmer? Which are your favorites? And I keep reading about "Will Call", what is it exactly? Is it like forum party where you call in your orders...?:shame:
  13. Replace the plum from Snake Charmer with vanilla and you've got Snake Oil. Also, there's the Snake Pit (Carnival Diabolique) which is Snake Oil with additional notes.
    So far my favorite for everyday wear is probably Snow White or Pink Snowballs (which is like Snow White, but with rose). Velvet Unicorn is another favorite, along with Strawberry Moon 2009. It's very tempting to order some Black Lace since it's back--and I'm a vanilla fiend.
    West Coast Will Call is held once a month on the date of the full moon (unless the Lab gives a different date) and it's usually from 7-10pm at the Lab's store front in Los Angeles. They have all the current GC scents available for sniffing and for purchase as well; current LE's are also available for sniffing (and by sniffing, you can also apply it to your skin, the bottles have glass wands in them) and depending on when they were released, you can purchase them there as well. New LE's that have not been out for very long are also there for sniffing, as well as prototypes for new blends (New LE's that have been out for less than a month and prototypes are not available for purchase). Black Phoenix Trading Post goodies are also available for purchase as well. Oh, and then there's also meeting the labbies and being able to ask them what you might like and other questions as well. There's also a Dirty South WC which is held in Georgia, I don't know terribly much about it other than that for the most part, it's held by a few of the lovely ladies on the forum. You can e-mail ahead (at least for West Coast WC) with your order (to the lab's Will Call e-mail if attending West Coast WC) if you'd like, or you can just go in and they'll take your order, run to the back, and reappear with what you want. However, you have to be able to go in person and pick your order up.

    ETA; Snake Oil gets indefinitely better with age, even if you don't like it immediately, hold onto it for a good six months, it gets much better.
  14. ^^ Oh, thanks for the tip! I do like me some Vanilla, but not straight up Vanilla, sometimes it gets to be too much since I have quite a few of the foody scents already, you know what I mean?

    WC sounds alot of fun, too bad I don't live anywhere near the US!:sad:

    I do have Snow White & Pink Snowballs, but I've acquired a crazy amount in the 2 months that I have been into Bpal that I have not had enought time to try out everything!:wacko: I have a few that I love right now, but if you ask me to pick a favorite, I am not sure I have one yet!
  15. Got to love BPAL's foodie blends. :smile:

    But I totally know what you mean about being unable to try everything! The imps keep multiplying and I've yet to try all the frimps I've acquired. I also like the fact that BPAL gives you a scent for pretty much every occasion and mood.

    I remember when I first got into BPAL I thought it was the strangest thing--and at the time there was an LE called Blade of Grass which smelled exactly like what the scent's name implies--and at first, I'd wrinkle my nose when taking a whiff from one of the bottles. And though I could go on and on about BPAL, I'll stop. (: