black phoenix alchemy lab

  1. Not yet. :smile: I've signed up for decants though and this coming Saturday I should be able to sniff testers of the Lupercalia blends at Will Call.
    Also, seriously contemplating buying a bottle of the Trading Post's Bordello nail polish.
  2. I'm intrigued by this! I just stumbbled upon this since I can't sleep. I will have to look into BPAL website more closely, kinda hard from the phone.. I will be back with my research :smile:
  3. ^^ Welcome to Bpal world :welcome:, beware, it's addicting!

    Would love to hear what piques your interest!;)
  4. PM'd you, dear!
  5. Interesting site! Can you search for scents by notes? I'm a huge vanilla freak, but tend to lean towards the smoky, darker vanillas as opposed to candy sweet vanillas. Any recs?
  6. That you can. :smile: On the left side towards the end of the list of categories there's 'search' and you can type in whatever scent note you're looking for.

    I definitely think you should check out Snake Oil (I'm also a vanilla freak) since it does have a dark, sexy vanilla feel to it but reiterate my warning to let it age if you don't like it fresh. Unfortunately I'm not too sure what comes off as smoky vanilla as admittedly I don't have many blends that use vanilla as the main note.
  7. Bump!
  8. My husband loves the bpal scents on me and asked if they have any "man" scents. I told him my understanding is that many are unisex, but I'd check to see if there are scents that seem more directed at men. Ladies, do any of you have men in your lives who wear Bpal oils and if so, which scents are they wearing? Thanks in advance.
  9. Yay! I'm glad i found the BPAL fans here too! My collection is way out of control now, and I haven't even gotten my Luper decants yet.
  10. I have been to their site many times, but never bought anything. Yesterday, I bit the bullet and got 6 imps: Snake oil, black pearl, #20 love oil, follow me boy, black dahlia and black phoenix. I wanted to try pepper b/c it sounded interesting, but maybe next time around. I also wanted to try black mamba, but I think you had to get the full size, so I held off. I don't live anywhere near any of the will calls, so I am just crossing my fingers on the scents I chose.
  11. ^^ You will love Snake Oil & Black Pearl!! I know I do!! Let us know what you think after you test them out! ;)
  12. Snake oil gave me a migraine, so I have held off on trying the others. :sad: I love perfume and had such high hopes. Usually, it is lights that give me a migraine. I have never had a fragrance set one off, but it was definitely the snake oil. Just putting it away in a drawer made me nauseous.
  13. I LOVE BPAL! I guess you can tell I am an addict, I have over 300 imps and 30 full bottles currently. My longstanding favs are "O", The Hanging Gardens, Haitian Temple (coconut rum!) and Florence. Currently loving a new shunga called "Autumn Moon of the Mirror Stand." I love collecting things and love all the scents, not to mention they are highly resellable/swappable so I never worry about not liking a scent!
  14. That's too bad:sad: You may have another love out there. I had a migriane triggered by saw-scaled viper( a snake oil varient).
    That being said I love BPAL, and can't wait for C2E2 tomorrow:yahoo:
  15. I've always been intrigued by BPAL but I've never actually tried anything from them. Now you ladies have me wanting to! Although the last thing I need is another addiction! :lol: