Black Heloise Hobo

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  1. Here is my new hobo from Selfridges London

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  2. Beautiful.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Congrats!!! I want one!!! but I am afraid I am too short for this bag. Will you post some modeling pics, please.:heart:
  3. I am only 5'3 and its not too big for me :tup:
  4. I am 5'3", too.:yahoo: One more bag on my never ending wish list!!!
  5. ooo congrats i really like this bag!
  6. This is gorgeus and I need one now! It is a shame they dont have this one online. It really is perfect.
  7. Oh Jackie - :heart::heart::heart: the Heloise Hobo in black! She`s beautiful! Congrats :yahoo:
  8. Congrats Jackie, a beautiful bag, and I tried the blue on in NM, it is so lightweight compared to the original Heloise - :tup: I think this bag in black is my favorite, they are all gorgeous, but this black is stunning.
  9. Thanks girls :smile: Ilson you are right it is so lightweight I was really surprised when I tried it on but I do :heart: it
  10. Oooh Jackie, the black is gorgeous!! It is so saturated!! I LOVE IT!! Are you are trying to make me turn the twins into triplets?! Congrats - GORGEOUS purchase - enjoy!! :tup:
  11. ^^^^ lol I would love the nutmeg too I definately recommend the black
  12. Very nice! Enjoy :yes:
  13. Congrats! It's stunning :tup:

    It's official now - I love this bag in every colour I've seen. I must have a Heloise hobo! :nuts:
  14. OMG :yahoo:!!! This is my bag (and a black medium Betty and a black Paraty :graucho:...).
    Love the style and the colour is stunning :nuts:!!!
  15. Thanks everyone I love this style would love one in nutmeg too it is the lightest chloe I own :heart: