Black Heloise Hobo

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  1. I´d like a black one too ;)
  2. Beautiful bag! Wear it in good health and enjoy! :tup:
  3. I am still SO loving this bag! Are you carrying it?? I'm trying to decide between getting this one (but that would make 3 Hobos for me) or a new black boxy Paraty (no shoulder strap, zip close). My thread got bumped and lost in the Chatty Cathy Clubhouse, so I thought I would resurrect yours to ask for an opinion.[​IMG][​IMG]
  4. @juldoc: I didn´t find it - so heres my answer - hope you don´t mind jackie ;) I´d go for the boxy paraty - saw it in real and it´s great!!! Do you know that there is one in black python :yahoo:

    @Jackie: do you like your new hobo - I wear mine every day :yes:
  5. ^^^^ I love it its so light and easy to use
    I would go for the other paraty as you have 2 hobos or both:yahoo:if you can
  6. ^^^ I got the boxy Paraty - it is FABULOUS! I will post pics once the sun comes up! It is SO MUCH roomier than the original Paraty - wait until you see!!

  7. oooh, looking forward to seeing pics!!! You always take gorgeous photos :heart:
  8. ^^^Thanks qwerty! There is a photo my SA sent me under "All About Paraty."

  9. ooh, it looks great! Does it have the extra shoulder strap too, or just the handles? can't wait to see more pics :heart:
  10. No shoulder strap, just longer handles. They do fit over the shoulder (but not over a shoulder in a winter coat in Ohio). But it is definitely deeper than the original Paraty, so if it is loaded up it would not be comfortable on the shoulder because of the width or depth or whatever. Anyway, it's very comfortable on the crook of the arm! Goodness it is 7:44am, WHERE is the SUN?!

  11. Oooh, I'd probably wear it as a shoulder bag more. The orig paraty didn't look right on me as a shoulder bag, I might have to try this new style out!

    Hurry up sun, come out so juldoc can share some photos! :roflmfao:
  12. Love the Heli hobo!! Congrats!
  13. Beautiful....I love the Heloise. Congrats!!
  14. Congrats -this is a gorgeous bag. love it.
  15. Thanks girls :tup: