Black Chevron Herringbone Boy

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  1. I am on the verge of buying a new medium chevron herringbone Boy like this one. It's calfskin from 2014. Has anyone any experience of these e.g. are they pretty robust etc

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  2. I don't own one but man is it gorgeous!
  3. I have the one with the thicker chevrons, and I love it! I bought mine used (it's also from 2014) but it still looks great. The only wear that I notice is that there are some (very light) scratches on the inside calfskin part of the bag. The chevrons seem to maintain their shape better in general than the quilted ones
  4. Thanks both that's good to know. I've had the quilted Boys but haven't bonded with them so hoping this will be better!
  5. I have this same exact bag but mine is in the dark grey. I LOVE it. New medium is a great size and this thinner chevron stitching is a lot nicer in person. The leather is smooth and soft to the touch. I got a few scuffs on the edges but for 2 years of use I think that is pretty normal. Enjoy it!!
  6. yes I have it in old medium! love it so far. just slight scuffing on the corners. no scratches (even in the flap interior). the shape is kept well
    I love it more than the thick chevron ❤️
    hope u'll enjoy yours!!
  7. Thank you all - should be arriving next week!! ����

  8. I can't wait to see it!
  9. I have this exact one but with the silver threads. I :heart: it!
  10. Oh that was a gorgeous Boy❤️❤️ Mine is on the way. Unfortunately tracking seems to have come to a halt 😳
  11. Well chevron has arrived and is truly beautiful. Pre-loved but in mint condition. 2014 calfskin.

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  12. Wow! She is a beauty!! Enjoy her!

  13. Wow stunning . It's in immaculate condition. Where did you stumble upon this beauty?

  14. Nice! Looks stunning!
  15. Gorgeous boy - Love the herringbone chevron boy. I have the wallet and have used it for almost a year. Still looks like new.
    Congrats on your lucky find!!!