Black and Brown- match or clash???


Do black and brown

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  1. I don't care for it, but according to In Style, black/brown and black/navy are all the rage right now.
  2. I do this pretty often. I think it's better as a casual look, though. For some examples, I have a sort of twig-brown cashmere grandpa cardigan that I love with a grey tshirt and black skinny jeans. I also like to wear brown leather accessories with black clothes. I have a bag, belt, and boots (I don't wear them all together, though!) in a warm, saddle brown shade that really pops against black. I would not wear a really dark brown with black, though. OTOH, I wear black and navy all the time, so it might work...
  3. Black / brown and black / navy definitely do match. I can understand your hesitation because I felt the same way at first, but in Paris... lots of girls were wearing these color combinations- and they looked hot, so I started doing it. I think if it's put together right, anything goes!!!
  4. its dependable.... all fashion depends on the situation and what you're wearing it with. Almost ANYTHING can be concidered "fashionable" or "Unfashionable" depending on how and what you wear it with. One of my rules it, after i get completely dressed, and i'm ready to leave i look at myself in a full-length mirror. If i would be jelous of someone else wearing it, then yes, it does look good, if i have the littlest doubt about something i'm wearing i try to change it. You should never wear something your doubting, it lowers you selfconfidence (sp?) :smile:
  5. I think they clash... I'm not much for pairing those two colors together... JMO
  6. I love black with brown or black with navy blue. I have the cutest Philip Lim cardigan that's navy with black lace insets. I think a lot of people just aren't comfortable putting the two together yet. It will come. :smile:
  7. I wear black and brown combinations fairly often. I have fair, creamy colored skin with warm undertones and dark brown hair with golden highlights and chestnut undertones.

    It really depends on the shades of black and brown, the style of clothing and the woman wearing them.
  8. they can be mixed for casual, its always better to have all the shades of the brown and shades of black, they mix at some point you will know its not needed to buy twice in 2 colors in your deep concience you know whats best, and we all know that some things look better with black and some look better in brown than black so its up 2 what you got in your wardrobe or in what you plannin 2 get!
  9. It is my number 1 fashion crime (hope i don't offend anyone) for me personally i have never ever seen anyone pull it off.

    That said black and tan/leather brown can be quite cute if done right!
  10. Bump!

    Same question - match or clash?
  11. Really depends on the texture and shade. Black pants and brown boots works easily.
  12. Bump! Do you guys think I could pair a black skort (i.e. the zara asymmetrical skort) with these chocolate louboutins? They're almost burgundy in some lighting, but overall they're brown. Thanks! :smile: