Black and Brown- match or clash???


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  1. I used to always think black and brown clash and should never be worn together. But lately I'm starting to think that they are not too bad next to eachother. In your opinion, do black and brown match or clash? Is it a fashion no-no? I get annoyed buying everything in both black and brown. I also tend to wear black so much more. Help me please! TIA!
  2. I think you should have some key pieces in brown. I am like you in black just looks so much better on me, brown washes me out. BUT, I do own some brown pants in various shades, and some blouses with brown in it. I find that my browns and blacks mix well together. I would also say the same for black and navy. I love them both together when done right. I think it is a fresh look.
  3. I always mix, but end up changing back to one of the two colors, before I finally walk out the door D:

    Someday! I will leave it be and walk out mixing both, I just don't know when yet. XD
  4. i think they match...especially if the brown is a light brown and not so much a chocolate brown.
  5. Actually, it's one of my favorite cool weather looks.

    I often wear all black with a great brown leather or wool coat over it. Choosing the brown specifically because it looks the best imo. Or I have one great brown sweather that looks the best with black pants.

    I have leather boots with both black and brown on them and purses as well.
  6. I love wearing a medium brown with black. Deep dark browns (so they're almost black) and blacks can be a little more awkward, IMO.
  7. I agree that chocolate browns with blacks look kind of funny, I think that color palette only belongs on the chocolate swirl cake things...

    Very light browns look ok with black. I don't usually see navy blue with black, but I think any color can go with any color depending on the whole look of your outfit. I'm pretty sure Sienna Miller could get away with wearing any colors... You just have to work it!
  8. I've never tried it with dressier clothes, but I definitely mix them for causal. I have a cute little black ruffly tank top that goes really well with with these brown cotton shorts i have :tup:
  9. I can never wear both the colors together.
  10. Thanks everyone! I'm going to officially mix and match black and brown!:tup:
  11. I don't think I can pull it off, but have seen many ladies rock it.
  12. You can definitely match them, especially in winter and if you don't have too many other colours in your outfit!
  13. I think they match. A lot has changed over the years with fashion. However, many of us still rely on outdated information.
  14. No, I really don't like brown and black at all. With an exception. If you are all black dressed you can carry LV bags mono or damier, but not a total brown bag.
    I think that black-brown-blue should never be together! We also have a way to say in Italy or at least in my area that is "Nero e marrone fanno cafone" (that means that black -nero- and brown -marrone- makes you look like a rude) LOL
  15. the girls from WNTW think chocolate brown is one of the only colors (besides white & grey) that go with black