Birkin Travel Protector - Custom Longchamps Pliage arrived!

  1. I was going through the forum and found this thread on the Birkin travel protector (everyone has such great ideas here!) and immediately went to order the custom pliage for my 35cm birkins.

    Here's why I needed to have this asap:

    I typically hesitate bringing my birkin with me while travelling due to some bad previous experiences. I went to LA with my DH a few months ago and the TSA people were very rough with the bags. I put my BJ birkin on the plastic container just before it went into the x-ray machine, they took it out and put it on the belt. I was peeved, but ok until the person behind me put their wheeled luggage on the belt with the wheels about to BUMP and STAIN MY BAG!! I quickly took my jacket out of the container and shoved it in between the bag and the dirty wheel. Then, on the plane, we were in the first class bulkhead and I tucked my birkin behind my legs, then covered up in a blanket (I always do this). The flight attendant saw me, but he was a total sweetie and let it slide. The problem was with the flight back, the flight attendant made a big fuss about me stowing the bag properly, I asked her to please be careful and I saw her just shove it in the overhead bin. Luckily there wasn't any damage, but can you imagine if there was??? Now, I don't have to worry anymore! I loved the customization process and delivery was just about 2 weeks.


    With my 35 Rouge VIF inside:

  2. Congrats Cindy! Love how you picked the pink w/the brown! My XL is in orange w/brown, and it's been a lifesaver whenever I travel with my 35s.
  3. Looks great!

    I really need to get one of these but I can never figure out what size would fit a 35?
  4. I just ordered mine I think Monday! I did black and pink.

    how long did it take to arrive or ship out?
  5. Great idea! It looks lovely too!
  6. Such a good idea.
  7. Totally thankful to the person who originally thought of this idea... I ordered the "Large" size with long handles. It fits the 35 perfectly except the 2 birkin handles stick out a little bit. It's not a problem, you can either slightly fold them in to zip it up, or just leave it unzipped and close snap-closure on the top flap of the pliage. Exact order date was 1/4 and I received it today. 12 days total wait time.
  8. Ooh... the brown is nice with the pink. Is it "chocolate"?

    Big favor -- can someone who has this bag with the long handles show a pic of what it looks like folded up and sitting inside the birkin? Just want to see how much the handles stick out. Thanks a bunch!
  9. Lucky you! They don't offer the orange strip option anymore, so I went with the Chocolate/Pink combo.

  10. oh good thank you! did they sent you a tracking number?

    I am excited for mine and that there is room for a shawl and things!
  11. Yes, there's some empty space on either side of the birkin, just enough for a shawl, bottle of water, etc. Unfortunately, you don't receive anything from Longchamps other than a automated email confirmation. They ship by UPS though.

  12. Yes, the main color is "chocolate".

  13. your customized protector is so cute! love the colors too.
  14. Here's a pic on how far the handles stick out:

  15. Great. Love the color combo.