Birkin as Briefcase

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  1. Hello,

    I discovered this site today while doing some reseach on Birkins. There is some great information here on the bags. Thanks to all for adding their information.

    I want to carry a Birkin as a briefcase. It must be big enough for my Macbook to fit into. What size should I be looking for?

  2. A 13" would fit into a 35cm Birkin but would be heavy and you couldnt carry it over your shoulder, also the laptop would not be secured in the bag and could move around a lot which isn't ideal. Why not look into the Steve messenger bag, that looks like it could fit a laptop nicely!
  3. Hi, I do not think that Birkins make good briefcases - their handles are too small and long, also the base of the bag is too soft. I did consider a 40cm birkin - wasn't working for me. A HAC is more appropriate as they are made to carry havier stuff, but for laptops, Steve or the Jypsiere (really hot!)
  4. If a briefcase is what you're looking for why don't go for a briefcase. There are several models: Plume Porte Documents, Sac à Depêche, Kelly Depêche, also I'd consider Victoria Voyage/Souple, really briefcase look-a-like.
  5. Hmmm....I will consider some of these other options. I'll have to start doing my homework and see what these other bags look like. Thanks for the advice.

  6. plume porte documents:



  7. ^^ That is a fabulous bag I had no idea existed. Thx Allan!
  8. IMO, the Birkin is the perfect briefcase. I've carried my laptop and files in my 35cm. No issues.
  9. I must admit, I liked the way the Jypsiere looked. I will have to think about that option, seriously.

    However, the HAC Birkin still looks good. I wouldn't carry it on my shoulder, but in my hands, like a briefcase. Maybe in the crook of my arm if I were walking with my arms crossed. So, its having shorter handles doesn't really bother me.

    Thanks again for all the great tidbits!
  10. 35 birkin is still small imo, try hac 36 or birkin 40
  11. I posted this question in the pronunciation thread, but no one has answered me. Maybe, I'll have more luck here.

    So, how do you pronounce the HAC bag?
    1. H-A-C, saying each letter separately?
    2. /hak/ to ryhme with Jack or back?
    3. Or do you have to actually say "haut a courroies"?

    I'm pretty much leaning in the direction of a HAC 40, so when I'm in Houston again and speak to a SA about it, I want to say it correctly.

  12. Of course you say Haut à Couroies! I mean it's still the name of the bag. It's not like you say B for birkin?
  13. Thanks for the pronunciation tip. And no, I wouldn't say B for Birkin, but I wouldn't write B in place of Birkin as I would write HAC in place of haut a courroies.

  14. Same here:yes: