BioSilk Silk Therapy

  1. I could not find any threads about biosilk and feel its a product that really deserves one. Biosilk is dead expensive where I'm from (Norway), but I get it online for a fraction of the price.

    I started using this in December, and blow dry it into my hair, and then use it to smooth out flyaways. Its makes my hair so soft and shiny, and I did not think this was possible for my overprocessed hair. On top of the bleaching it, I blow dry it and straighten it every day.

    When I went to the hairdresser last week, she commented on how good it looked. She then put the Redken Extreme Cat protein treatment spray in it after doing my highlights, and it started to foam. This treatment is supposed to fill protein in the hairstrands where they lack it (which chemical treatments take away), and when it foams your hair has enough proteins. Mine actually did, for the first time since I started my blow dry/straighten/bleach regime.

    On top of this, I use it on dry skin, and it really makes a difference there too. My dry legs actually look normal, and I could basically dust them, they were that dry!

    Will recommend this to anyone with coloured hair and/or dry skin!
  2. I definitely agree! I posted about this in a thread about products to make hair shiny or something a while back. My former roommate used to use it...I thought it smelled really good, so I asked her if I could try it. I seriously fell in love after using it just once and went to Target the next day to get a big bottle for myself. And I love that it lasts forever since you just use a tiny tiny drop and it makes your hair soo silky. When I wear my hair curly, I don't notice it as much, but on days that I straighten it, it feels AWESOME. I literally want to tell people to feel how silky my hair is :smile:
  3. I LOVE biosilk it makes my hair shine and so soft to the touch my hair feels and looks heathly and it lasts for such a long time i will always buy biosilk i want a smaller one so i can take it every where with me:heart:33
  4. I use it after blow drying and straightening for shine and smoothness and like it too!
  5. Great for frizzy/dry hair. I use it all the time!!
  6. How do you end up getting just a drop out of the container? I barely open my bottle and it's running down my hand. Also, is everyone putting it on before you blow dry AND after? I've not used it after, only before -- but didn't notice too much of a change.
  7. Yeahh the first time I used it, I didn't realize the consistency and that happened to me. Now I just pour very verryyy slowly and NEVER squeeze the bottle lol. I usually put mine on after my hair is blowdried and flat ironed. If I put it on my hair when I leave it curly or before I'm done straightening it, I don't really notice a difference either.
  8. gonna have to try it.
  9. i *love* this stuff! i have super long, super fine hair, so on the days when i dry shampoo, i use biosilk on the ends to keep them from drying out (^(oo)^)v
  10. I love Biosilk! It's great for dry and frizzy hair.
  11. I like this a lot I use it all the time
  12. Another one that loves this product!!!
  13. I like Biosilk but I think it's made for fine hair. It's like CHI but for people who don't need the extra moisture. I on the otherhand have course hair so I tend to mix CHI and Biosilk. It doesn't weitgh down my hair but it also doesn't add any moisture, just shine if that makes sense. Anyway, if you have course hair this may be too light for you, if your hair is fine it's great because it won't weigh down your hair.
  14. This weekend at Marshalls, I got a little bag that has Biosilk shampoo, conditioner, heat-protectant spray, and the smallest size bottle of Biosilk (which is $15 alone at my Target) all for $12.99!! :biggrin:
  15. Hmmm... I have course hair.