Biletto anyone?

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  1. The only thing I’ve noticed so far is that periodically where the chain attaches to the ring will squeak a little. Other than that if you’re looking to carrying a minimal amount of items, this seems to work. I’ve gotten cards, cash, flatter pill case, eye drops, few tissues, iPhone 7, glasses in Maui Jim pouch that doubles as cleaning cloth, hubby’s pill case, lip gloss, cushion for surgical shoe(long story), individual Purell wipe, and altoids smalls. I’m used to carrying a compact wallet plus another card holder that I also put paper money in so I’m def slimmed down on the cards and cash but it’s been great as far as not noticing the weight at all but having the essentials with me. Hope this helps anyone thinking about this, but of course nothing like trying it on.
  2. Does anybody else have corner threading issues on this bag? I got mine but I can see black threading around the corners.

    Got it for a good price & love the colour and look but I’m shocked at the threading quality... I mean, it’s BV right?? :sad:

    IMG_1615.JPG IMG_1613.JPG
  3. I don’t think I could see that if it wasn’t shot so close-up... Must remember the Tomas Maier era items were hand-stitched. If it really bothers you, perhaps you could return to the boutique for a replacement, maybe another would not be as bad to you?
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  4. It’s hard to capture in the photos but it is a bit more obvious in person. You do need to be looking at the corners specifically though

    I do really like the bag and it was the only one available from an online store so maybe I’ll keep it.

    Thanks for your comments!
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