Biletto anyone?

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  1. IMG_2576.JPG anyone have one of these or try one on that can comment on it? I can't get to a store for a week or two and I'm wondering about this design. Im considering this one, a metallic gold and Atlantic
  2. IMG_2578.PNG IMG_2579.PNG Here are the other pictures.....because I like looking at pictures
  3. No but I’ve been very interested in them. Curious to see what others say.
  4. Played with it today and it can fit sunglasses in fabric pouch, card case, passport, phone, lipstick. It has six card slots. It can definitely fit more but it will bulge. I think its useful as a bigger version of a WOC with the detachable chain, allowing it to go into a bigger bag and then pulled out as a grab-go. It will also suffice as a catch-all or a clutch. Should work well as a small travel bag too. A good option vs the nodini and disco in terms of a different look and vibe
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  5. Thank you! That info is very helpful. Was the chain comfortable? Do you think it would be comfortable to wear for long periods, like for travel?
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  6. I personally find it comfortable with just the things mentioned above within. For an extended period of time, I cannot confirm for sure. I do have the double compartment pillow/nodini and it is super comfortable, even when it is filled with more things and worn for the whole day.
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  7. I used to also own the disco and the chain is similar to that of the Biletto. Bearing in mind that the disco is smaller, I have had no issues wearing the bag for the whole day. I will say it is the most comfortable crossbody chain bag I had ever owned.
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  8. Thanks so much for the feedback. I look forward to trying it on.
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  9. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts after you tried it. Do fit the things you intend to carry in it to have a good sense of size and look. My concern is the potential bulge but that might not be important for you.
  10. I don't carry much, but bulging is definitely a concern.
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  11. 6B36D0B2-9C6A-4E17-8DC4-12E30F24BB0C.jpeg 7F5495AF-2D61-4C50-9570-B66EF3134D1A.jpeg Just received this beauty today. It easily holds my iPhone, Hermes Calvi card case, lip stick and keys without bulging. The color is dark gold. I love the chain. The gold color doesn't come through much in this photo. Cloudy day
  12. A8423787-DDBD-48DE-9E0A-97E2E22E83DA.jpeg Better look outside
  13. Just got this in antique silver. It was between antique silver and Nero with fringe. Still really like the fringe, might splurge on it if I like this one after I’ve used it for a bit. Haven’t used it yet but will this weekend. I’ll comment again if I have something interesting to report.
  14. Thanks for posting this thread. I haven’t seen this style before, but now I’m intrigued. The chain does give me pause (weight reasons), so I’ll have to see if I can find one locally to try.
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  15. I’m pretty sensitive to weight and I’ve been carrying it all weekend and it’s been fine. I’m also carrying only my phone and not my work phone so that helps. I swear that’s what makes my bag so heavy is carrying 2 phones.