Bijoux chain

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  1. Hi Ladies!
    The more I see pictures from the amazing forum and what you all own, the more I fall for Bijoux chain. I just wonder if
    - Chanel still makes Bijoux hardware as I haven't seen them at all
    - Which size and skin would go best with it?
    I do love lambskin with Bijoux. It's just elegant but I'm not sure if I'm careful enough to buy a lambskin.

    ;) Please help
  2. I'm not sure if Chanel still make Bijoux chain however I haven't seen it in awhile. I personally think bijoux looks best in the jumbo size and caviar leather. GL deciding.
  3. I'm on the hunt right now for a black caviar with the bijoux chains, so I agree that it's a gorgeous bag! I've been looking for awhile now and in that time I've seen multiple lambskin ones pop up on ebay. If you aren't averse to buying used, you should check that site periodically to see what pops up.

    Good Luck!
  4. I believe the bijoux chain only came out in 2007 for lambskin bags so that's why you're not able to hunt one down now. I'm sure you can search for some on auction sites. Good luck!
  5. can someone please post a reference picture of this bijoux chain? I think i might have seen a re issue with it.
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    ^ I believe you saw a hybrid, which is a bijoux chain w/ MM lock (of reissues). and a classic flap shape (more boxy). Bijoux flaps came in lamb, glazed lamb and caviar since 07. If you search the forum, there's many pictures of the chain.
  7. there are 2 types of bijoux chain, one from 07 and another from 08. so far chanel has not produced any of these after 08. here are some pix of the 2 different bijoux chains. :biggrin:

    07 bijoux chain on caviar red

    07 hybrid

    08 glazed lambskin bijoux chain
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  8. hello pandalian thank you for posting the pictures! would you happen to know if they ever made the mini flap in glazed or regular lambskin with the 08 bijoux chain? i love the new chain and hope chanel brings it back!! but love the mini size for travel.
  9. i do remember seeing one in the 08 navy blue bijoux chain but i am not sure if they still have it as that's quite some time back. do hope you manage to find one. good luck!:biggrin:

  10. Here's a small flap with a bijoux chain. Looks gorgeous in the navy!

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  11. Thanks Pandalian and everyone. This is useful info. I do also hope that Chanel brings back this chain. Will keep my eyes on :smile:
  12. I saw the bijoux chain on medium flaps (looks like the same bag I have from 07) in the Saks in Manhattan last week. There were a few white and red ones there (both caviar)
  13. The navy is also glazed lambskin. They did make the regular lambskin reissues in pale pink and degrade.
  14. Nice! Are these new for 2010? I would love a Red Caviar Bijoux Chain! :nuts:

    Also is it soft caviar or rigid?