Bidder wants to retract bid

  1. This is new to me! I just received an email from someone who placed a bid on my auction item, and she is asking if she can retract her bid- she thought it was blue instead of black and already has this item in black.

    Although I have many watchers on this item, she is the only one who has actually bid thus far and has meet my price. What do I do? Obviously I don't want her to retract the bid, but I'm worried that she may not follow through with payment. Of course, if one more person outbids her, then she's off the hook. I would love your advice- what would you all do/say to her in this situation?

  2. I would either let her retract her bid. If she wins, she most likely will not pay since it's not the color she wants. She needs to learn to read BEFORE bidding.
  3. ^^^I agree. Email her back letting her know that too.
  4. Well, you can't exactly stop her, can you? :shrugs:

    I suppose everyone makes the occasional mistake, is she a newbie?
  5. No, I think she's got some sales under her belt. Do I retract it or do I have her retract it- anyone know how to do this? Thanks, guys.
  6. i thought you can always retract your bid as long as the auction hasnt ended....
    i have never done this, but in a couple of items that i was watching, i notice some of the bidders retracted their bids or something, coz the bid price decreased.
  7. The bidder can retract their bid as long as it is before the last 12 hours of the auction. If this bidder is not a newbie she just doesn't want a retraction strike on her record which eBay can find just cause to suspend their bid priviledge on eBay. If it is after the 12 hours of the listing the seller must retract the bid for the buyer. Either way she should have just taken the time to read before placing a bid.
  8. She doesn't need your permission to withdraw her bid.
  9. She can retract it herself. Either she doesn't know how or just wanted to give you a heads up.
  10. let her rectract it. If you decide you don't want her didding on your stuff - in case she proves difficult - then add her to your blocked bidders list.
  11. I agree. That would be worse. If she does not follow through with payment.
  12. If I were you, instead of letting her retract the bid, you should cancel the bid for her:yes: . The reason for this is that some buyers have buyer's remorse after they bidded on something and since they don't want to get into trouble with eBay (eBay does look at retractions), they sometimes give an untrue reason for retraction.

    One time a buyer retracted on her bid on one of my items and she put the reason for retraction as "seller significantly changed the description" or something like that, which was completely untrue. yet something like this CAN affect your sales. Thus, it's best that you just retract it for her and that way you can state the reason yourself for the public record as well.
  13. Let her retract. It will be on her profile. I know I have retracted but, I did it with in minutes of my bid. As far as I knew it happened so fast that the seller didn't even know, but the retract is on my profile.