BH, BV owners: True sizes??

  1. I've read every thread imaginable re: BH, BV....also ck'd out Elux, and the dimensions on these 2 bags are different at both sites.:huh:

    BH (Elux) : 13.4" x 11.8" x 5.4" W
    BH ( : 15.3" x 9" x 5.5"

    ...and for the Batignolles Vert.

    BV (Elux) : 12.5"L x 11.8"H x 5.4" W
    BV ( : 13.4" x 11.8 H x 5.5"


    Do any of you know the "correct dimensions" for these bags???
    Thanks so much!!!!!:biggrin:
  2. Anyone????:sad:
  3. For BH, vuitton's measurements seem more accurate. I am comparing my bag to an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, and I can tell that it's less than 11 tall--9 seems more like it, as does the 15.3 length.
  4. Thanks a lot!!!!:yes: I'm trying to decide which of the 2 purses would be a better choice size wise. Or if I should try some other choices....possibly Pop Haut, cabas piano...Hmm...:hrmm:

    LOL, I'm getting hyped up I think with all the BH talk..all the posts I've read re: how nice they are..etc. They are nice!!!!:smile: I don't carry a bunch of stuff though...So then I think possibly the BV. Which I'm not too sure about...then I think the pop haut would be good...LOL then I migrate to the cabas piano. UGH! :shocked: Then I think about the bottom getting dirty, etc. So then I go back to the BH. (repeat):Push:

    Then there's the Tikal GM. Very cute!! I usually tend to buy smaller bags. My biggest bag I have is the speedy 30. I'm using the speedy 30 right now and it's half full. Actually the Tikal GM probably would do the job. For instance all the stuff I carry fits perfectly in my Papillion 26. But if I decide to take a few magazines, and a knitting proj. with me then my speedy 30 works. That's why I'm considering a bigger bags. This will only be my 2nd shoulder bag...usually use handheld bags.

  5. I love my BH, even though the speedy 30 is too big for me. The BH just doesn't seem big. It has this comfortable slouchy feel. And, it seems just right regardless of how much I carry....
    I also have the piano, but I haven't used it much, as I am tanning it before I allow it to venture out.
  6. Hmm...That's good to know! :biggrin: Ya, I like how it looks in pics the lil slouch it has. I want a nice shoulder bag but not too big like say the mezzo. That's too big. I plan on throwing a magazine, ckbk., ludlow wallet, cell, pochette accessoires, small notebook for notes (4x3) ball of yarn (possibly) some days I'll bring it ...other days not.

    That's funny how you say the speedy 30 being too big...I often think that about I try to throw a few more things inside so it's not too empty. For what I carry (minus the mag and knitting ball) the speedy 25 is a good size. (I have the cerise). But I'd like to have the choice to take everything knitting ball and mag included...and then other days leave the mag, and knitting behind without it looking TOO baggy. Lil slouch is good:yes: I don't want it to appear the bag is empty..<sigh>

    What do u carry in yours..? ..and Thanks for your input.:smile:
  7. I agree. I ordered a Speedy 30 a while back and thought it looked huge for some reason. I returned it. A few weeks ago, I bought a BH and I love it. It's not a small bag, but to me it just doesn't look as huge as the Speedy 30.
  8. Wow...ya, the speedy 30 is a good size! Hmmm....ut oh...the BH is looking good.:graucho: Like I said I'm just concerned with what I put in, if the bag will be too big...But,...if you guys see the speedy 30 as too big than ...shoot...LOL the BH is a possibility for me.

    What about the overlook in person (size) does it appear huge?? How does it feel to wear....comfortable?? Is it easy to get into? <--this is a big one for me...easy access...For instance to grab the ph real quick, or let one strap off and grab something out quickly..

  9. I hope this helps...sometimes Eluxury does not have correct info. For instance....I have the blois bag. at one time on Eluxury, they said it had a zippered inside pocket. It did not, it had an open pocket. I talked to them on live chat and they said it was a typo. Try using the live chat and they are very helpful...but some of their discriptions are not always accurate.
  10. Very helpful! I'll refer to the vuitton site from now on.
  11. Several people have posted pics with their BH. One is Fayden and she is only 4'11". I don't think it appears huge on.
  12. I carry a wallet, a handful of lipsticks, cell, and an ipod. I also sometimes throw in a diet coke and my lunch (for on the way to work).

    I am only 5-2, and it doesn't look too big at all. The easy access is the thing that I like the best--The straps are a good length that you can get in to it while it is on your shoulder, and with the hook thing closed, you can still reach in for what you need.

    I think that if I were forced to give up every bag but one, this is the one that I would keep (at least from a functionality standpoint)...
  13. Huh....sounds like it's doable for me then with what I plan to carry. ;) So, it doesn't get too slouchy/baggy for you then? Hmm, Just gotta try it on and see if I like it IRL. Btw, I'm 5'5".

    I also plan on getting the sm. ring agenda in MC that'll replace my lil notebk. I carry. Possibly the wapity too...although I haven't decided on how/what to use it for. My ph doesn't fit in it. :cry: So maybe for odds/ends. hmm??

    Your post says a lot, Thanks for all the insight!!:yes:
  14. Ok I believe I will be going with the BH. Just gotta see it IRL to make sure. :rolleyes:

    Q: Do the straps stay on your shoulder good...? Or do you find one of them slipping off your shoulder (often, all the time, sometimes, once in awhile, or never)?

  15. Sometimes one of the straps will fall off, but it's not too hard to keep on your shoulder. You'll love the BH!