Beverly Clutch

  1. Now for my next question. Does anyone have this? Are you loving it? Pros/Cons?

    Does anyone know cost on this? Also, has it been on elux yet?

  2. $690 on elux this morning!!! I love the look. I like how it opens (flap not zipper), the clasp is beautiful, the strap is removable, it's large enough but not too big, pocket inside (how nice for cards, ID, etc so you can leave your wallet out if you prefer).
  3. I bought it and it's sooo small.
  4. Wow, I'm just seeing this now on eluxury. Why is not the main website for Louis Vuitton not updated!! I always hear about new styles only on tpf - which i'm so happy for!! I've just looked at, and love monogram canvas. I would buy this - but I kinda want to venture out and get something other than monogram. but wow, i would get this over the monogram pochette. I love the gold hardware. Its so pretty. I'm wondering how wide the strap is.

    Any more new styles on eluxury today??? lol awww i'm so happy to see this Beverly Clutch. Its so pretty.
  5. How big did you expect/want it to be? Are you planning to use it as an evening bag / clutch / special occasion bag? Or did you intend to use it as a day bag?

    Would you be willing to post pics modeling it, the inside, what fits? That would be really sweet if you have the time. :yes:
  6. Click on the New Arrivals. There was a blunch of new LV Club stuff today.
  7. Where can I go on this forum? I've tried to look. Can you post the link. Thank you! :shame: ;)
  8. Just realized you WERE on elux... maybe I didn't understand your question? Sorry. :confused1:
  9. OHH ok, I'm on eluxury. I'm in Canada. I can't order from it :crybaby: lol but i'm there now.
  10. I wonder why the Damier Mini Pochette is 215.00 US, while its 205.00 CAD. At least I think I remember the price. Maybe I'm wrong. Love all the new purses. Thanks, I went to "New Arrivals"

  11. I'm so sorry. That's sad. Like window shopping but you can't go in. I hate that. :sad:

    But I am glad you found it, fwiw.
  12. i may be in the minority, but i don't really like it... i took a look on elux. the bag would be so much cuter if it weren't for all that vachetta around the buckle, imo.

    i may get the epi montaigne clutch, though.
  13. I'm going to Louis Vuitton next week. I hope they have this in stock..:drool:
    Rach.Rach pictures really got me thinking of this shoulder purse / clutch. :shame:
  14. my mom has it.............