Better to spend on shoes or purses?

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  1. Would you rather spend on shoes or purses? Why? Purses are seen more but you are on your feet all day.
  2. I've thought about this plenty, and I think bags. I need variety in shoes and won't wear the same ones every day, but I'm much more likely to carry a bag for several days in a row. For some reason I'm fine with cheap shoes but die over expensive's weird.
  3. I need to spend less on both haha! But looking at my closet, i have spent more on shoes so far, quantity wise.
  4. Personally i prefer bags. I have different shoes, but always stick to the same ones. I rely on my bags for a pop of color and also to serve different purposes.
  5. I go for shoes; I find I can wear the same bag everyday but never the same pair of shoes :smile:
  6. Bags! They last longer than shoes for me!
  7. haha I would love to NOT be addicted to both...but unfortunately I am. However, I enjoy buying purses just a little bit more

    *Ask me next week it might be shoes* :P
  8. Bags all the way. They tend to last longer
  9. This is the most difficult question ever for a person like me who loves way too much shoes & purses! I honestly consider that an exquisite purse and amazing shoes make the outfit altogether. This is why I prefer to dress from Zara but to wear CL on my feet and an iconic bag on my shoulder.

    I will answer with my heart because I cannot be objective! I spend more on shoes because I love the diversity, the way they make me feel, look or even walk. I love the posture that a high heel makes me have when walking...I love all about them, especially if they have a red sole and a second cut price. Just kiddin'...:P:graucho:

    But on a more practical note bags worth their money more because they really do well in time and never go out of style or get ruined if you care for them well. They will always be iconic and they won't lose value over time. Their price will even increase and you'll have a good guarantee that the amount you spent was worth it.

    So yeah ...bags are a better spending but I love shoes more and I can't help it!:yes:

    P.S. I hope I made my point clear and did not confuse you all! The fact is that this question is way too difficult to really's like I'd have to choose between my two children!
  10. I love both and until recently i'd probably have said shoes. But I'm starting to spend more on bags now and I think its money better spent for me as bags I wear daily and they last longer, whereas shoes I either only wear occasionally if they're heels, or if everyday shoes I wear them out quicker than a bag.
  11. Im a shoe girl and always have been.. I might buy 2-3 purses a year.. that's it...
  12. Bags!!!
    I love shoes too and have a pretty decent collection... But bags are my obsession!
    Plus they always fit and are usually more comfortable :smile:
  13. About the level of comfort you're so spot on. :yes: I'd wish to be able to say the same thing about shoes :crybaby::lol:
  14. ....also, I wish "bag, shoes, OR clothes" would've been an option - because hands down for me it's clothing...I don't buy the expensive shoe/bag & cheap clothing thing. I think the entire outfit should be taken into consideration. But that's just me. Also, clothes have the biggest impact on how I feel.

    That said, as I replied before, I'm more of a shoes girl.
  15. completely agree... bags always fit and are more comfortable and they last longer overall better investment..for some reason i have this fear that my nice designer shoes might not fit me in case i happen to gain any weight or become pregnant in the future..