BethC's collection

  1. very lovely:smile:
  2. :blush: Thank you so much!!
  3. ok...this is it for a while I swear!! My husband is going to kill me!

    07 Vert D'eau twiggy
    05 Bordeaux First
    07 Blueberry First
    08 BG make-up clutch
    vert twiggy.jpg bordeaux first.jpg blueberry first.jpg bg make-up.jpg
  4. Nice additions. I am love the Dark Silver Reissue.
  5. gorgeous collection, bethc! beautiful colours ... great diversity!
  6. I love everything in your collection. Great choices!
  7. Oh girl! I'm so glad you put this up. I am an orange FREAK! I love orange and buy everything orange that I can get my hands on, and if I weren't in pharmacy school (i.e. broke) right now I would have an orange CHANEL! At least I can indulge myself through your pics. Absolutely gorgeous! You go with your rockin' self and your beautiful bags! Much love, Jess :woohoo:
  8. Thank you!! I'm not usually and orange person, but this orange is just gorgeous!
  9. Gorgeous Collection!
  10. really like the gucci......

  11. Thank you! Your puppy is so cute!!
  12. WOW Beth, I had no idea you had such a big collection! I'm especially fond of your Bordeaux First, the leather looks amazing! Beautiful - beautiful collection!!
  13. Thank you!!

    Here's my most recent... I love this color even though I thought it would be too bright in a part time...:love:

    08 turq pt.jpg
  14. ^^ Bethc! It's a beautiful addition. Congrats!
  15. With the addiion of my new Violet twiggy, I now have a small twiggy family...:heart::heart::heart:

    Miss Vert D'eau

    Miss Violet twiggy


    Miss Violet with Anthracite twiggy


    And a yummy twiggy sandwich!:love: