BethC's collection

  1. Hi everyone, I took some pics of my collections... I did it by color, so there are different designers mixed together... Also, there are some bags that I have not added yet, but will. I didn't realize I had so may be time to sell some of make room for others.

    Here are the browns...beige, brown, dk browns and LVs...
    Beige.jpg Browns.jpg Chocolates.jpg LVs.jpg
  2. You have the pochette on my wishlist[​IMG]

  3. Great collection, I have the same guccisima hobo ... thanks for sharing, love your bags!
  4. Love the Chanel, Fendi, and LV Babylone!
  5. Thank you that my thread is up, I can add the other colors...
    Blacks, pinks, purples, and blues...
    Small Blacks.jpg Large blacks.jpg Pinks and burgundy.jpg Purple.jpg Blues.jpg
  6. And the Reds, whites, then some of the newer bags that weren't around for the original pics...
    Reds.jpg Whites.jpg 06 grey first rh.jpg 07 Ocean Work.jpg BG Pink city.jpg
  7. Wow, look at the Chanel!
  8. Here are other Bal shots...which seems to be my newest obsession... some are also above...

    I'm still missing pics of my new Gucci Joy, Gucci White SnowGlam, and Bal Pine Giant Brief...when I get a chance I'll add them...
    black day.jpg 2 cities.jpg with magenta coin purse.jpg BG with Violet clutch.jpg ocean and indigo.jpg
  9. Thank you, which one?
  10. Love your Chanels and LV's... and you have quite a Bal collection as well!
  11. Great collection!
  12. I've added a few more that I've recently added to the collection...

    Here's the Lilac clutch...[​IMG]


    And an Ocean makeup clutch...


    And my Ocean work and makeup clutch together...

  13. I love the way you organized them by color :smile:
    Great collection!
  14. many pretty bags!
  15. Nice collection. Love that Kelly bag sitting quietly in the background!