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  1. hey guys,

    i am gonna have my nose surgery next week in korea. i am still debating betwwen oz cosmetic or BK or VIP . which one is the best for nose surgery.
    i really need help now ... dpes anyone know how long we have to stay in korea untill recovery? because i will stay there 8 days, is it enought time or too short?
  2. For the nose surgery, I heard that you have to stay at least 2 weeks for the recovery and the post care after the surgery. I think you have to make sure all the stitches are out and kinda see your recovery process for just in case....
    Why don't you email the clinics and see what fits you more?? I think some of them actually gives online consultation if you send them pictures...
    hope this helped your decision... :biggrin:
  3. Hello,
    I join this forum because i red your posting :smile: Do you mind if i ask you some detail question regarding your experience? since i am new and i am not eligible to receive any private message, can i send you thru private email? mine is

    Thanks a ton :smile:
  4. Hello Kodadacota,

    So... did you get yours done with BK? how was it? please share... :smile:
    I am going there in 2 weeks but still confuse to choose which doctor to go. I am doing blepharoplasty.. so scara because it involve my eyes...

    Thanks in advance

  5. Hey guys I'm also interesting going to Seoul, South Korea to get my "Revisional double eyelids surgery and Nostrils base reduction. I have my double eyelids done about 15 yrs ago done here in U.S. It's look good than a lot of people but the creases are alittle too big for Asian eyes but my right eye is not as deep as the left. I have been survey alot in the past months and really like BK DongYong in Seoul. But lately there's lots of BAD reviews for the place. There's good results and some are really bad. The bad things are they are too busy and doesn't seem to care for their patients. No assistance and want you to leave asap so they can can the bed for the next patient. Some clients have face to face consultation and didn't see the doctor and end up with bad surgeries. Another thing thing about it is if the doctor make a mistake or didn't give you the result you wanted then you have to pay for a second surgery, nothing is free. I mean if I'm coming from international and this is a cheap trip then I don't want to have a second surgery and make this trip more expensive then a surgery here in U.S. I also checked out OZ Cinic in Seoul and hear good reviews. The good thing is if you get a second surgery bec the first result wasn't what you consulting for then it's free or money back. They are responsible for their work. But the thing I didn't like about it is the "Before and After pic" wasn't give me the great result compare to the ones in BK.

    I emailed BK and asked which Doctor does surgery for client number so on so and they said they cannot tell me which doctor worked on which patient. They told me come and get a face to face consultation first and they will help to pick out a doctor right for me. Because i'm from international, I want to know for sure first before I started to book for flight, hotel, and surgery there. I hear that Dr. kim is really good there but again he does about 20 surgeries a day and I don't think he take time to take care for the patients instead just worry about making more money.

    The best way is get information from the past clients. Anyone every gone to one of those place? If you do, please email me your before and after pic. Thank alot. Anyway I plan to save money to go there in a year or two, if anyone want to come along with me to share a lodge and transportation, and etc..., please let me know and we can travel together and look out for each other.

    Does anyone

  6. hi, you mentioned you went to VIP for eyelid surgery do you remember the name of the doctor who performed the operation for you and what specific procedures did you get? how much did it cost? did you get medial and lateral canthroplasty? or was it just blephosplasty? please let me know* thank you so much
  7. hey everybuddy! has anyone hrd of anything about cheekbone reduction at VIP?
  8. hey guys just signed up when i saw this post..

    im planning to go korea before march im looking to have a chin implant and double eye lid surgery..

    ive contacted many clinics in korea, BK is very overrated there are other clinics lik Regen,Dream which are top 5 in Korea too.

    is anyone planning to go around this time?
  9. hey everyone ive created a page on facebook for everyone to discuss about cosmetic surgery abroad..feel free to join and discuss openly there!

    for ppl who have or are planning to travel abroad for surgery or anyone whos interesting in this topic!
  10. i found the facebook discusssion u created on plastic surgery,somehow ppl still think plastic surgery is something better left undisclosed. But i personally am very keen in gg to Seoul to do tiplasty,nasal base reduction and lenthening of the nose. I have emailed BK and the charges are skyrocketeing high,think its over rated and its popularity causing their fees to go even higher. I am more open to go to Seoul personally to consult the doctors there and see the clinic personally perhaps next year.Not sure if anyone is keen to go with me?
  11. Hi, :biggrin:
    What surgery are you doing at BK and what is the price they quote you?
    I am interested in getting my eyes done at BK and I'm from SG.
    Keen to do it around Mid Feb~
  12. Did anyone get a quote on the cost of full rib cartilage graft rhinoplasty? VIP quoted me US$7600. Which I find very high because i heard korea does rhinoplasty around 2000-3000. I am hoping to go this summer to korea for a nose job, but I am still in the process researching. Any suggestions?
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    rib cartilage is always more expensive than artificial grafts. i think vip quoted me 7700+800 for anesthesia.

    nose jobs do not cost 2000-3000 unless you are going for silicone

    dr jung at the shimmian clinic charges 7500 for a primary rhinoplasty with rib cartilage, and i think that includes anesthesia. he also gives a discount on second third and fourth procedures

    keep in mind that both vip and shimmian cater to foreign clients so they charge more than other clinics. if you want a better price, you need to be able to do research on one of the korean plastic surgery boards. but you need a korean social security number to access them (or a korean friend) so most people here just go with vip
  14. Oh okayy thanks that was helpful. Because i thought they were ripping me off cause they know im foreign
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