Best place to re-sell RM

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  1. An suggestions for an online site (other than eBay or Bozangle) where I can sell my RM. I am not crazy about the color so I have decided to let her go and make room for what I really want. I am OK with consignment sites also, as long as there is a big RM community. Thanks.
  2. Besides E-bay and Bonanzle...?

    Ecrater, craigslist etc..
  3. Thanks I will check them out. Not sure about craigslist. Have you sold anythg there.
  4. I think bonanzle has quite a big RM community who are looking to buy or sell their bags.. much better than ebay IMO
  5. bonanzle or ecrater! fees are much cheaper than ebay...craigslist kind limits who will see your listing...since you put listings in by your city.
  6. I definitely don't reccommend craigslist.. I was just throwing everything out there.

    Bonanzle or Ecrater are the way to go if you are trying to avoid e-bay.
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    I'm getting rid of my RM bag due to lack of use. Is there a popular consignment shop on the web that offers a fair return for RM bags? Annsfabfinds charges 40% which is kind of high. I don't really feel like doing the ebay or bonanza thing...
  8. Hi April, I edited your post to take out the bag name so others don't message you asking to sell to them.

    And my 2 cents:smile:--resale mostly sucks right now and who knows when it will be better. If you listed it on Bonanza you might get the most you possibly could right now. Bonanza also has a big RM presence. Check completed listing and see if it's worth it to list now or hang on to it.
  9. Ok, thanks!

  10. So true! What happened to the good ole days??!!
  11. ^It seems the RM reselling market went the way of the housing market. It's a great time to buy, horrible to sell, and if you bought high you lost equity. IMO, it doesn't help that RM overproduced also, even if I do really like some of the newer styles.
  12. I have found that I sold fine on bonanza, but I also bought those same bags on bonanza as well. I think that is a great place to buy & sell. I usually made the same as I bought bags for so I did not lose money. Lots of minkettes buy & sell there. I just sold 6 of my 7 RM bags there pretty quick!
  13. Reselling RM at a high price is hard, even on eBay most buyers would only bid on your bag if your starting bid is very low, or if it's a rare/discontinued style. Selling them for over $200 will get watchers and views but there's a 99% chance it won't get sold. That's the annoying thing about eBay, and then there's the problematic buyers too. And the high fees, being charged for listings, etc. etc...

    Bonanza is highly recommended since listings are free and the listings can sit there forever. I would NOT recommend eCrater since very, very few people even visit that site now. eBay has the free auction listings right now so you won't get charged for selling your bag there (this ends on August 1st, so if you want to sell on eBay now, I would recommend making a listing asap so you have to get charged 50 cents for it).

    Anns Fabulous Finds is great too, if you don't mind paying shipping to ship your bag to them. You will have to wait 2 weeks for your check though, since they allow a week for the buyer to decide whether or not they want to return the bag or not. But at least you won't have to deal with problematic buyers.

    Good luck!
  14. About Annasfabulousfinds, they do charge a pretty hirhg 40% listing fee on anything that's sold though.