BEST Leather Conditioner?

  1. is there a time you should condition your leather regularly? like every year?
  2. I clean my bags before I put them away for the season... take my bags to

    Hermes for a conditioning (spa treatment) & the others use meltonia to keep

    the leather hydrated...
  3. I swear by Meltonian..the delicate and the all purpose creams..they work wonders.
  4. If you don't want to do online shipping or want something a bit cheaper, Michael Kors does both a "rain and stain" repellant and a leather cleaner and conditioner. I think they're $9 or $10 ea CAD and did the job just fine!
  5. I want to make sure this is the same result others get -- I have a challenge sometimes with my Meltonian. I use the neutral polish cream in the stubby little jar, and the polish always seems to dry faster than I can work on the polish. I mean, it just hardens into a wax. I am never quite sure if I'm polishing it right or if it takes a long time to polish the wax to a sheen?
  6. Hm, I'm not sure actually. I mostly use the delicate cream in the jar which is what I think you're talking about but I've never had issues with it hardening. I just dip a soft cloth in and then work it into the leather. The last time I used it, my sister's white leather bag had a pretty messy blue water color transfer. I buffed a good amount of the cream into the stain without much result. I thought we were out of luck but I let it sit overnight and the next morning the stain was completely gone and the leather was pebbled again without any of the water damage.

    If you feel like yours is a strange consistency maybe try the all purpose cleaner in the small bottle. It's got a more watery consistency but works just as well for me.
  7. It is quite ironic that I was coming to post about my fabulous leather moisturizer in some thread, and this is the first thread that showed up on the homepage under Care and Maintenance.

    LEATHER HONEY IS AMAZING like Dopey says!
  8. What do you guys usually use to clean and protect your Chanel bags? I've got multiple products in my cart on Amazon - Apple care, Leather Honey, Vectra. Lol! Help!

  9. Thanks for the tip, I think I may look into the all purpose cleaner instead. I can't explain why, I've tried two jars of the other polish, and it comes out of the jar fine it seems, but becomes a solid state as soon as I put it on a section. Takes quite a lot of elbow grease to polish! Maybe I am putting it on too large a surface area... I do it like 4-5 inches at a time.
  10. Hello, I was actually advised in in gucci to simply use a good quality fatty moisturizer ( such as a hand cream) to apply to leather products and this always worked for me!
  11. I just apply it whenever my shoes or bags start looking a bit dull and this instantly makes them look new!
  12. i have a couple Badgley Mischka bags and they need to be polished. The leather used to be a little shinier but now it looks so dull. Do you think this would work?