BEST Leather Conditioner?

  1. I just bought the all purpose meltonian leather cleaner for my bags :smile: Some of my black chanel and prada bags seem a little dull after some time (like the black is no longer that black anymore) so i hope this product works to bring back shine. Can anyone tell me if the Meltonian All purpose cleaner leaves a nice sheen? Thanks in advance ;)
  2. I heard about Vaseline. Heard that it adds shine to the bags. But when i googled i saw its mainly for patent leather. Does anyone know if this could add shine to soft leather handbags? :kitty:
  3. Hello ladies, I'm new to the forum, but I just bought an RM mini 5 zip and it is white/cream. The back of the purse is getting dye transfer from my jeans so from reading other posts I cleaned it with a baby wipe and have also used a Mr clean magic eraser. It cleans up well but it is drying. What should I use to try and avoid the dye transfer in the first place and then what should I use to condition it?

    Thanks so much!
  4. Hello, you could also ask in the RM thread here:

    Hope you gets answers here too.
  5. Absolutely not! Vaseline will destroy the delicate finish on handbag leather.
  6. currently tanning methods mean that it is no longer necessary to "condition" your leather anymore. All that you need to do is to hydrate and protect it from stains! Unless you live in the sahara you will only need to use a hydration product every 3-4 months, but you can get such good all-in-one products now that will add a stain guard to your bag as well. Depending on the colour and leather type you can get away with giving them a light coat every 3-4 weeks.
  7. Hi All,
    New to the forum and glad to be here.
    I have been using Saddle Soap for years on all my leather. Works Great~
  8. Saddle soap is the single worst thing you can use on high end delicate leather. YEars ago you could get away with it, when leathers were vegetable tanned and required oils to keep the leather supple. Todays leathers are chromium tanned and only require water content to keep them supple.

    Saddle soap will destroy your bag, but you need to use what you feel works for you.
  9. Hi Leatherdoc. What is a good all in one product available in the US? Also do you know if Apple Guarde conditioner & Rain & Stain are good? Do you need to use the conditioner on a new bag? TIA
  10. Hi, i have both apple leather care/conditioner and apple garde rain and stain repellent. I recommend both as ive been using them for years and theyve kept my bags looking great and fresh. I dont use the apple cleaner as ive always been very careful (and paranoid) about my bags and ive always thought cleaners a very strong and might ruin the leather in some way ;) If its a new bag, i always use it first before treating it. Theres something about a new, fresh from the box and untreated bag that excites me! Anyway, after one use or two, then i treat it with the conditioner and repellent. Xx
  11. I dont know Apple products but their spray appears to be a straight forward flurocarbon in a pressurized can. If that is the case then they are nothing special. You do not need to use a conditioner with oils or waxes. A waterbased all-in-one product will work fine.

    I would suggest either LMB or THBS, both do great all in one products.
  12. I will look for THBS. I read negative things on PF about some LMB products damaging bags. I read a lot of good stuff about Apple products but I trust you LeatherDoc you know a lot about leather. I hope they have THBS here in the US.

    I have already purchased the Apple products, Coach, Nikwax & Wilson's but haven't used any because I always find someone saying not to use them. Actually I didn't read anything negative on here about Wilson's or Nikwax, which I decided against because you have to wet the leather to use it.
  13. I just want to add to my previous response that I have a Coach purse that appears unfinished like it would get stained from water. It's in British Tan from the originals line.
  14. Hi, I have had great results with Cadillac Boot and Shoe Care. Says it cleans, polishes, protects. conditions. For all colors of leather, vinyl, reptile and other exotic skins. Says it's wax free. I love what it does for my old dry purses--and removes stains!
  15. Has anyone had any experience with conditioning a MJ Stam? I have had the classic black leather one for -it's been 6 years now!- and it's in need of some TLC indeed. Since the stam is not as structured as other bags, e.g. some channels, it seems like the conditioning process will be a bit more difficult. I am currently looking into buying Leather Honey or Meltonian, but I'm open to any other suggestions!