Best Evening/Night-Out Monogram Shoulder Purse?

  1. I personally do not go out much, but just curious... what is the best evening/night-out monogram SHOULDER purse that can be used for dinners out or nights out (bars, clubs, lounge, dancing) and that is at the same time, roomy and big enough for all of the essentials (keys, wallet, cell phone, make-up case, camera, pepper spray/mace, hand lotion, gum/mints, e.t.c.)?
  2. to carry all of that, you'll probably want something larger like the croissant.
  3. the Hudson might be nice too. it's not TOO big, and it can hold a lot
  4. first i'd say all you need is the pochette, but if you're going to carry that much i'd say the Popincourt haut. It has a size which you can face to the front of you, keeping things safe.
    No worries if you have to put it down as the bottom is Mono :smile: no naked leather to worry about.
  5. i'd say the monogram klara, but too bad it's discontinued.
  6. That's a lot of stuff!
    I think I could fit all that into my Sologne, if there were hardly any makeup, like one lipstick and a powder compact only. And a small travel size hand lotion. Not sure about the camera though.
  7. I think a Pochette is all you really need :yes: Esp. if you're going to a club
  8. I would have said a pochette too, but would all that stuff fit in there?
  9. a good alternative for the Pochette Accessoires would be the Recital, but i doubt you'd be able to fit all that in either one:

  10. I like small bags for going out, and I find my Mini Looping bag to be roomy enough for that purpose.
  11. maybe salsa, if your make up bag isn't too big :smile:
  12. I like the shirley but it's MC and not plain mono.
  13. I fit a lot in my recital if I put everything in there a certain way.
  14. I would say the recital.
  15. i dont like this one as much as the croissant or recital (love those raspberry linings!), but maybe the tikal pm?

    i also like the marelle mm...very unique shape!!