Best crossbody?

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  1. I have gift cards that are burning a hole in my wallet for ages and finally want to purchase a cross body. I thought that I wanted the favorite but think I need a big that is a little bigger and could hold a little more. I have the 6 plus and an otter box case on it that makes the phone extremely bulky. When I tried to put it in the favorite mm, I did not have a lot of room left.

    What should I get? I would not like to go over $2K. I am not a small and petite person, I am 5"7 and a size 16 and would not want a bag that would look too small for my body, either.
  2. I love my Turenne PM. It's a great size, can be dressed up or down, and the zipper is long enough to give really easy access to everything inside. If you're concerned about size, you could always look at the medium size too.
  3. I would suggest the Speedy B 25 DE or Pochette Metis.
  4. +1
  5. When I get a crossbody it will be the Mabillion mono or the speedy b 25. Good luck deciding!
  6. Bloomsbury pm or the odeon !!
  7. ^^ I love my Odeon PM! IMO, the Odeon is the perfect crossbody and it's very comfortable to wear. Good luck with your decision!:smile:
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  8. Bloomsbury! It looks so small and hugs your body but holds a ton. I also enjoy the front pocket for quick to grab items like your phone or keys.

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  9. I forgot to add that it good size wise, I'm 5'3" I used to be plus size but now I'm "regular" size but it looked good size wise at either weight. When I was larger it didn't look too small for my size. I think because it hugs your body it doesn't look disproportionate to your size,like for example the Alma bb looks ridiculous on me like I'm carrying a little kids bag which was really exaggerated when I was plus size.

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  10. I love my Mabillion. Holds quite a bit.
  11. Siena PM or even the MM. Great crossbody!
  12. +1
  13. Siena PM
  14. Empreinte Twice, sooooo comfortable and functional
  15. defintely speedy b. i just got one and it was so comfortable wearing it, and very spacious!
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