Best Clinic For Full-Face Surgery?

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  1. Hello, nice to meet all of you, it's my first time posting in this thread and I'm honestly quite nervous, but also incredibly excited~

    First of all, I'm a girl barely twenty, but my whole life I've been bullied for looking slightly "different" from others, that's why when I turn legal I became very excited for plastic surgery. My body is quite fit, so it's all just my face. I don't need to look natural, I just want to look pretty.

    The result I'm looking for is sort of like this...

    f98bbcdfeeb5f371f61296b856cfed8e.jpg 11143137_893739297365037_4908316537943824628_n.jpg 1.jpg 2.png 3.png 4.png

    The typical korean ulzzang look pretty much. Eye + Nose + Jaw + Implants.

    Do you know any korean hospitals that produces girls that ends up looking like this? If so, please do tell me, I would appreciate your help by a lot.

    My whole life I've been called "ugly" and I wanted to feel pretty for once.
  2. Also, considering Banobagi and JW
  3. there are many big hospitals in korea like wonjin , regen, and view that you can look at.
    you can also look at newer hospitals to like DA/daprs the owner/doctor of this place worked at view clinic and he opened his own, in my opinion would mean he is pretty good haha
    i also want full face surgery so ive been doing alot of research too,
  4. I don't know about JW. From their B&A photos, it seems like they're a bit on the conservative side. Sure, you get natural results, but what that means is that u won't look much different from what u were before. As for Banobagi, it's high on my list for my upcoming surgery. I did V-line and Rhino at View just last month, and the results are excellent. But I'm probably not going back to them based on the recent spate of bad reviews.
  5. Recently I searched some of hospitals in Seoul and I went Girin today for my lips volume.
    I heard there's two doctors. One Doctor is specialist for Jaw, Implants, Nose and another doctor is Specialist for eyes.
    I will visit Girin again someday for consultation of my face.
    I recommend Girin for you if you are going to all together lol
  6. Hi, I'm also doing facial contouring and rhino.

    Are you sure you want all your face done in one operation? Cos I emailed a few clinics and they say it should be OK, but others have cautioned me against it because you can't breathe through ur nose after rhinoplasty but u can't breathe through ur mouth easily after V line. It also means you have to do everything at the same clinic. Some clinics are better at other things, so you might want to choose different ones. :smile:

    Look for clinics that do "dolly" (less natural) faces for facial contouring. I am going for this look too ^^
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  7. How are your lips hon? Did you get fillers for the lip lift? :smile:
    How was the whole experience? Which doctor performed it? Doctor's and translator's attitude? Price? Results-Are you happy? :smile:

  8. I think it would be better to do it in one go but I suppose you could put a one-week distance between each

    But I was wondering, how long should you stay for both rhino, face contouring, and epicanthoplasty though I know the last one could be done with either of them because its both on the eye ^^
  9. May I ask what the bad reviews were ?? What happened ??
    O . O
  10. I would leave a couple of weeks between facial contouring and rhino, and do FC first because its easier for them to change ur nose to fit it than the other way :biggrin: I did the calculations without epi and it was like 3 weeks if you leave a week in between.

    I can't remember where I saw the bad reviews about JW but I have been posting on the board recently and they have had a lot. I was also considering Banobagi despite them being v expensive but another user said their results can be "too" natural so not what I want. (I have a square face and want dolly like the ones you posted)

    DAPRS and Hershe seem like good choices for me. I heard Dr Lee (the DAPRS facial contouring) is great, but their rhino surgeon sucks. So beware.

    I have also heard Cooki does the sort of face we want. TLPS was top of my list because of doing dolly faces, but they seem dodgy, have had bad reviews on here and promoters pretending to be normal forum users.

  11. Yes! I just got my lips volume and corner went lift now.
    I was lucky girl because I just met doctor right away after consultation.
    Everything was finished in one hour. Was so quick.
    Dr. Lee operated procedure and doctor, translator was really friendly. I was surprised they both are looks younger than their age.
    Eventhough it is just injection, I feel satisfaction.. The price was 1,400,000 WON
    I heard maintenance period is up to 8 month~one year. Hopefully I can get the new job in this year with my smiling face :-P
    If your interested in, Girin's English KAKAO ID is "GIRINEN"
  12. Having a cute face with an ugly nose would be bad :sad: have you decided on a clinic yet?

    Banobagi's result sure can seem 'too natural' and I think so too! Their 'let me in' contestant could actually pass off the face as a "diet" thing as oppose to jaw surgery and I was honestly impressed! O.O
  13. Does anyone think it's possible to do Jaw & Canthoplasty at one clinic, then a Rhinoplasty at another clinic?

    I don't think I could afford going to Korea twice this year but I want to look as perfect as possible
  14. Well as I've mentioned in another post, if you do jaws/eyes at one place and rhino at another on the same trip, you'll be under GA twice in a short span. Not good.
  15. No, I think I'm going to go and consult about 4 or 5 clinics and see what they say :smile: MVP seems very good for noses if you look at their before and afters. I don't think I want FC there though.

    I haven't seen that Let Me In contestant. I don't think I would want to go through surgery just to look like I had been on diet though hehe ^^

    Hey, is the risk because of the surgery or the GA? I found this on general anaesthetic, but the first two aren't for people who are getting plastic surgery specifically :smile: I'm no doctor though hehe am due