Best Black Leather Bag?


Feb 17, 2016
The past few years, I have been transitioning to more subtle designer bags. I think I’m going to sell my last monogram bag, a Retiro NM, and replace it with something in all leather. I have a bandouliere in black/monogram I can always use to add a little touch of monogram to something. I’m looking for new or preloved, no particular budget, but must have an option for a shoulder strap. Any suggestions? I was set on an epi Alma, but now I’m thinking maybe something more pliable. A capucines maybe? What do people love?


Feb 23, 2016
I just got the neonoe in black épi. I’d been admiring it for awhile and finally took the plunge. It’s so lightweight and roomy. There’s also 5 ways to wear it because it comes with 2 different straps. I recommend you check it out and see if it’s your style.