this your Gustto Bag?

  1. This Gustto looks like the red you have but they call it rust. That's the first time I saw this color. It's on Shopbop.

  2. :drool: How many ways can you say delicious!!!
  3. Isn't it CG??? These Bacas are the cutest most lovable bags I've seen lately. Everytime I see one I get that "oooh I want it rush" before I can realize I already have it. I haven't really gotten that rush from any of the other Gusttos. Just the Baca and the Torlia that I have...and for that my husband is glad :rolleyes:
  4. I just started wearing my caramel baca bag today. LOVE IT! Smells yummy.
    Enjoy. :smile: :yes: :heart: :drool:
  5. oh, how pretty!
  6. It also comes in the parina style, same colour - rust.
    I like both styles. The colour is unusual, like the colour of a brick.
  7. Just got mine too! I got the patent Baca.
    Gustto1.jpg Gustto3.jpg
  8. Copycat Grace! You just had to have the same bag as we did, huh? LOLOL Ok, we'll allow it. Oh no though, you are have the Patent bag! I think it's lovely!!
  9. I think Bessie's is more of a lipstick red. At least it looks that way to me in the pics, I love that bag of hers, haven't seen it anywhere.
  10. Can someone point me to the photo of Bessie's bag? i would love to see it! :drool:
  11. How roomy is the Baca bag? It looks a little small, but maybe it's deceptive? Can it hold as much as a medium Balenciaga (City) bag? How 'bout compared to a Chloe Paddy (as far as how much it will hold)?

    I usually carry a good size bag & to me, the Baca's always seemed to be on the small side. Also, there's something about it that reminds me of a football! I know it's crazy, but that's what its shape looks like to me - is it?
  12. Yes it does remind me of a football!! LOL

    Speaking of Balenciaga, i know its way over my price range but it seems we have alot of fans of this bag on this site, their forum is amazing. SO much information.
    Are they good bags? is there one in brown?
  13. I rather think of it as a Overdone Baked Potato...LOL
    It is deceptively roomy. You can stuff that thing! And there's always room for more. In no way is it a small bag. I would say that it would hold as much as a City, maybe a tad less. You could fit 3 First bags stuff into the Baca...LOL
  14. thanks Kooba Lover - Yes Its a delicious bag!! it does look like the rust colour a bit though i think.