Besides ebay, where do you buy your Balenciagas?

  1. I am a Balenciaga Virgin, but am looking to purchase my first. I wandered over to ebay to see what is available, and was astounded by the number of fakes!

    I ended up getting frustrated, and decided to look for stores online that sell the brand. The only problem is that all I could find were full-priced Balenciagas... my budget is closer to what the bags are selling for on ebay. Still, I don't want to spend that kind of money on ebay and end up with a fake. I would love for my first Balenciaga experience to be a good one. :smile:

    Besides ebay, where have you all bought your bags from? If you don't mind me asking, did you pay full-price? What are your recommendations for my first purchase? Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi Liya, I think the only authorized retailers are Barney's, Shirise, Balenciaga in NY, Aloha Rag in Hawaii that has a website and Cricket in Europe. Most everything else online is fake.

    I know there are some smaller boutiques that might have Balenciagas that might not necessarily be online.

    Also you could try checking out consignment stores for deals!

    I've purchased my bags through stores, Ebay or from friends. =)
  3. btw, don't forget to ask the experts in the authenticate this sticky if you have an ebay find! or pm someone privately! It doesn't hurt to ask!
  4. Yep, definitely post here if you're considering an ebay bag. These ladies will never steer you wrong! Plus, most of the time the GOOD ebay bags are from fellow members here. There is some great stuff on ebay, you just have to play it smart.

    That said, you won't get an authentic bag for fake prices no matter what unless it is in complete shambles. You could probably get a couple hundred off of a nice bag in some cases but you'll probably have to spent MINIMUM $700-ish.
  5. If you don't have "big" departmentstores nearby you can call Balenciaga and they give you a list of their authorised retailers. That's what I did but actually I paied a little over retail about 50 euros more since the smaller shops can be sometimes more expensive.
  6. LVR has great prices on BBags, cheaper than Aloha Rag, and certainly cheaper than US retail. If you are outside the EU, you get a rebate on EU taxes, but will have to pay the import duties and taxes in your own country (usually less than EU), but they still generally come up to less than Aloha Rag.
  7. How much is a City or Work from LVR?
  8. I actually just buy my bbags at a retailer because there aren't much on the German ebay to buy other than fakes. I just bought my cornflower from but I paid 50€ more because the prices in the UK are higher than here. I prefer to pay a bit more and know that I have the real deal.
    @style: the city is 945€ and the work is 1045€ at LVR but you have to add shipping costs for the city because fee shipping is just for over a 1000€.
  9. NOT EBAY!! :hysteric: I would only buy one on Ebay if it was listed in Achtung and belonged to a member of TPF. I would rather pay double and be sure of what I am getting. I buy most of mine at BNY, Barney's and sometimes Saks.
  10. Another option is to check out small boutiques in upscale/posh communities. In downtown Millburn, NJ there are two boutiques that sell high end bags like Balenciaga and Chloe. The small boutiques do not get the same amount of stock as the bigger stores BUT they are more likely to discount the bags at the end of the season.

    A few weeks ago I went to Princeton to see if I could find a small boutique that sells B-bags. I didn't find one, but I did find a boutique selling Marc Jacobs/MuiMui/Prada/Anna Corina...:yes:
  11. I always purchased my Balenciagas retail. Eiter from BalNY or SF NM. I havent tried looking on ebay. Its just to scarry!
  12. i've only purchased balenciagas from i'm not an expert, so purchasing from ebay scares me out.
  13. U can buy them from Belgium from these two stores:
    Louis lombardenvest and SN3 they are official Balenciagadealers and they send U the bag of your choice by DHL couriers.
    Good luck schopping.
    FX van Leeuwen
  14. I buy mine from Bal NY or from a Pfer on "Achtung" here. You can also look into Aloha Rag which gives you free shipping and no tax if you're from out of state. Buying from ebay is just too nerve wrecking for me.