Belvedere Discontinued

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  1. I've been looking the Belvedere PM in green and finally decided to make the plunge. I contacted the stores in Paris and they indicated that the PM green is out of stock and there are no intentions of producing more. Has anyone else heard this?

    I guess, at the end of the day, I could purchase the bag from SF ( I know they have it in stock), I was just hoping to save a significant amount of money by purchasing it via the a Paris boutique.
  2. That would really suck, it's on my wish list as well in black/tan! I really hope they keep it in production. :sad:
  3. Really hoping they don't stop production. I prefer the Belvedere to the Grand Bleu.
  4. Only just started looking at Goyard bags - and the Belvedere seems to be my favorite so far...really really hope they don't stop production too! I don't need another "out of stock" or "no longer available" obsession! :shucks:
  5. Sorry: just to clarify - did you mean the specific color (green) is not going to be produced anymore or the bag itself in all colors?
  6. I don't know for certain that it is going away, I was more of asking a question. Has anyone else heard this? I've contacted a few other boutiques and they too are sold out of the PM in green.
  7. I was just told by a Barney's SA that the Belvedere has been discontinued and that there are no crossbody bags in any stores. :annoyed:

    But she did say that they are changing it and going to re-release it in a few months. :yahoo:

    Anyone have intel on this 'new Belvedere'?
  8. I don't have any info on the Belvedere but I have been told that the Cap Vert crossbody has also been discontinued. Some new variation will be forthcoming.
  9. Hopefully they are released before I'm in Paris in early July.
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  10. I just ordered a belvedère online with Goyard Paris.The grey one in pm size is no longer available and they told me it will take approx. 1 be delivered.
  12. Any confirmation on the cap vert? Is it no longer offered in the us?
  13. I just ordered a grey MM from SF ....... they shipped immediately ...... no talk about it being d/c
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  14. I have heard that there will be an update to the bag in the fall. It will have closure snaps.
  15. So, I was corresponding with Paris. They said the GM had been discontinued but the PM and MM had not.