Belvedere Discontinued

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  1. any update on the revamp? i’m debating if I should buy it now on an upcoming trip (no goyard in my country) or wait since having snaps would be very useful. can anyone else confirm?
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  2. I just heard from the SA in the Hong Kong store a week ago that the new model will have single strap/buckle/snap instead and the old Belvedere model has been discontinued. No release dates yet but she said they wait is not long and asked me to leave my name and my colour preferencs
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  3. A friend sent me this. I believe this is the remodeled design

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  4. Yes that’s the new version. I saw it in Paris they had it in white.
    It looks very femenine with the single closure.
  5. Aesthetically wise, I prefer the previous version. Practically wise, this is much easier to strap on and more secured.
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  6. ugh agreed! i wish they just made the belvedere with two snaps!

    so is it confirmed the old belvedere is being discontinued? in any case when i was in london they had none in stock in the smaller size anyways.
  7. my understanding is that GM is no longer in production. But even if they do, it looks awful with the new design ...imagine a big bag with a single strap!
  8. What ??? The GM has been discontinued?? :crybaby:I have one in back that I have used daily
    for the last 2 years ...I just posted on the Hermes thread that I use my goyard crossbody every day - it is the perfect bag for me- for travel and every day - I much prefer it over the Evelyne / Lindy / berline and the jypsiere - which has such a wide base ...what am I going to do when it dies ??? I love the straps (even though they can and do drive me crazy at times) but I think they are safer and more secure than a magnetized strap ...I love the compartments...oh no ! I came on this forum to find its name ... and discovered this thread ...big gulp - going to have a good cry now ...and tomorrow will call the few stores here in the US to see if I can locate any old stock...if I can’t find another one- I will have to save it to use only for when I’m traveling with the family - I carry mine and everybody’s crap in it...and it always looks so chic ...cry some more ...
  9. Oh ....which store in London didn’t have the small sizes...could they perhaps have the GM size a black ??? I think I need an heir/spare ...:rolleyes:
  10. Update : the last GM in the US is a white one ...the one color I really wouldn’t consider ...I have emailed London - let’s hope they answer me...they will most likely think I’m some crazy nut bag lady in Detroit ! Which in a way ... I am !:frown:
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  11. I am a guy, I prefer this version as 1 strap open is better than 2 straps, in terms of femine or not it depends on how you use it? I think black/blue/grey should be okay for a guy?

    the previous version I like the mini size, I am going to London next month I will see if I can buy this one. I really want a Goyard little messenger!! I don't want to settle on cap vert. this one looks more structured
  12. I just got the pm version from Milan in green. I love this bag! Easy in and out and a ton of room.
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  13. Would love to see it! I am in the process of booking a trip to Miami and thinking of pre-ordering a Belvedere 2 to pick up while I am there. :nuts:
  14. I will post pics as soon as I unpack:smile:. I was so surprised by how much I loved it!
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  15. How much did you got it in SF? I have been emailing them for possible shipping it to me buy I havent heard from them ☹️
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