Belted Bayswater Satchel anyone?

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  1. I really fell in love with this style when I first saw it. Great everyday size and the detachable strap makes it so versatile! I think it’s especially gorgeous in dark palm and mulberry green silky calf:
    EB1B7CBB-429E-40BD-8289-0AFAD18D40FE.jpeg D31C498B-3E10-471E-87C3-6A0549D868DE.jpeg F730ED58-2EC9-40FC-BEBD-4FB73544108A.jpeg DE87B23E-C27C-4CA6-B881-CBB753F62EAB.jpeg

    What do you think? Is anybody here already owning one?
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  2. I really like the look!
  3. I almost bought this in the dark palm in February, but ended up getting this instead
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  4. But the satchel in Mulberry Green is gorgeous, definitely on my wish list!
  5. It’s a very lovely bag. Quite roomy and practical. I prefer the Mulberry green
  6. Loveheart, do you have this in the Mulberry green?
  7. Yeah, I’m also leaning towards Mulberry Green, but it’s not available yet. I’m also planning to wait until it goes on sale (if it does of course).
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  8. I love this bag, especially in the green shade but also love the Rust Silky Calf version.
  9. What do you guys think of the tote version, in particular the small belted Bayswater? Does someone own it already?
  10. When you open the bag, do the loose belt ends become bothersome? Anyone have any thoughts on this? I love the look of this bag otherwise, just wondering how it functions.
  11. Curious to know too!
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  12. The green version is now available to buy on the Mulberry website. Has anyone taken the plunge?
  13. Just ordered the dark blue one in presale. Excited! Any opinions/reviews?
  14. Excited for you and looking forward to seeing pics of your new purchase :smile: Hoping Mulberry will add either the green or the rust coloured bag to the sale.
  15. Is that the colour "elephant"? Is it a dark blue? I've been trying to figure out if that color is more grey or more slate blue. Still, lovely color and congrats! Love to hear your thoughts on the bag when you receive it.