Beige-rose news

  1. I asked my SA on behalf of Sweetea, but thought I would post here so everyone could benefit from the news! My SA told me Beige-rose only came in croc and ostrich, and I told him I swore I knew someone with a beige-rose clemence Kelly (our Sweetea!). So he said he would find out the story for me. Here's what he told me today...there is a very rare colour called Pink Naturale, or Rose Naturale, that was a kind of "test" colour that was on trial for a while, but was very rare, and not many people have it or have seen it becasue the stores didn't know about it, so therefore didn't order it. He thinks it is this color, and said it's quite similar to beige-rose, but ever so slightly 'pinker' and "paler"

    I wonder if this is the colour, Sweetea? How fab to have such a rarity!

    By the way, he thinks it can be SO'd, but wasn't sure, he'd "have to ask Paris" LOL!:rolleyes:
  2. Wonderful sleuthing GF, I absolutely :heart: love:heart: to think that our dear Sweatea scored something so rare and precious!!! :yahoo:
  3. I'm excited for Sweetea!
  4. I KNOW! I want one, now!!!!!! LOL!!!
  5. Woah..

    Perhaps this finally solves our never ending discussion we had regarding pale pink (Beige Rose) : Rose Naturale~

    Thank you for the info GF! :yahoo:
  6. ^^^WOW, this is FABULOUS for Sweetea!!

    What GREAT info, GF.....Thanks so much!!
  7. Hmm, very interesting.
  8. Hey, don't thank me, thank my poor SA....I think he's glad I'm leaving the country for a while soon to harass some other SA's in NY - LOL!
  9. Thanks for doing the work on this one GF... I knew it was a shortly lived color in clemence...was it out around 2003?

    So were Ninja Sue's and my SAs using the wrong color description? Is is possible they told the US stores to refer to it as something else?:shrugs:
  10. who knows? I'm not even sure if this is the complete truth, although this SA is quite thorough and honest, normally. The other SA I have at another store was the on that told me the new Kelly's were going to be made with the old single handle-ring, and we're yet to see that happen - LOL!!
  11. LOL!!! The one thing is true that it is not a regular production color for non-exotic bags...!!!
  12. What exciting news...Sweetea's got a very rare color!! Thank you GF!!
  13. LMAO!! OK, I just got a call saying if I wanted this colour, they can get me a Picotin MM, but they think it's togo.....LOL.....must be older stock from somewhere, because it's not at my store...
  14. Oooh...wait 'til Sweatea finds out.
  15. Looks like they are really looking out for you, GF!!!