Beige Lambskin Protective Treatment

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  1. I just purchased a beige lambskin bag and was assured that for $100, Chanel would put a protective treatment on it for me and I would not have to worry about color transfer, water, etc. Is this true? What is the durability going to be and will I regret my purchase?
  2. never heard of that kind of service being offered. I would love to know all the details.
  3. Same here! Please do share more details! Is this from a SA at the boutique or a reseller?
  4. CHANEL does not recommend any products for their leather. The leather is already processed to have the finish and degree of durability that they want. I would only use products on very vintage bags that need serious help...
  5. This was from the SA at Bloomingdales. This is for a brand new bag.
  6. She is sending the bag directly from Bloomingdales to somewhere on the West Coast and said it would take up to 8 weeks for Chanel to put the treatment on it. I had never heard of this either, but trusted the SA. I only bought the beige lambskin because she sold me on this treatment. I've been looking here on PurseForum about how effective it is, but could not find anything.
  7. If it were me I would call up chanel directly and ask about it to confirm the SA's words. Would you still keep it if the protection doesn't exist? You might also want to ask if it would change the lamb texture in any way. I've never heard of this before and would be interested to know to. Keep us all posted and good luck!
  8. No, I would not like to keep it if this protection doesn't exist. Not in beige. I called Chanel and the customer service rep had not heard of it, but said that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. (What?)
  9. I went back to Bloomingdales and also called a freestanding Chanel boutique and this is a legitimate service provided through Chanel!
  10. Did they say that this protection is permanent or needs to be re-done every few months/years?
  11. Really?! Tell us more please. My husband gave me a dark white/ivory small flap for Christmas and I've already had a small issue w color transfer (was able to get it mostly off- thank goodness). But, I would love the option of never having to worry about it again.
  12. How confusing that some @ Chanel know about it, and some don't. Pls, keep us posted on how it turns out.
  13. This is what I have been told: the $100 price I was charged is actually not accurate. It is actually closer to $200 but I will be honored the price I was quoted. This was described to be as a "Scotch Guard" type treatment (scotch guard is not what they use) and helps about 90% against moisture, oil, color transfer. Dropping in a puddle or getting marker on it will not be protected. It takes 8-12 weeks to get your bag treated and shipped back to the store. I didn't think to ask how long it lasts.
  14. I used the Bloomingdales in Brookline and called the Chanel boutique in Boston if that helps anyone.
  15. I'd love to know what products they use on lambskin and how it ends up; please do keep us updated when you get your lovely bag back.