Beige Lambskin Protective Treatment

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  1. I personally wouldn't do this...I would not feel comfortable being the Ginny pig... I would go with black lambskin

  2. Thanks for the update! Did they say anything about whether the texture of the lamb changes?

    That's one thing that I'm worried about as I hear about dyeing lamb changes the softness of lamb. Please do keep us posted!
  3. Wow!! This is so much assurance going for lamb flaps!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  4. I will be very surprised if CHANEL knows and approves oft his service.
  5. I posted above that I called the Chanel boutique in Boston to confirm that this is a Chanel service. Please feel free to call them yourself to get all the facts.

    I didn't remember to ask if it changes the texture of the lambskin. If anyone else has any other questions, let me know and I will find out and report back. :smile:
  6. Super cool!!! Worry free lambis :smile: report us back once you get your bag back would love to see pic and stuff.
  7. I got a bag sprayed by a third party. They did a fairly good job but I found out they just used shining monkey or similar product. Could have done that myself and saved over $100. Can't wait to see how your bag turns out. By the way, what's the name of the service your bag is getting?
  8. I am thrilled to report that my bag arrived back already and I picked it up tonight! The texture hasn't changed much if at all. She is still buttery soft and beautiful. This treatment is supposed to last for many years. Now I need to plan a special night for her to make her debut. Thank you everyone for the suggestions and interest!
  9. that's great that you've gotten your bag back so quickly! I remembered reading something similar to this before on tpf. I would love to see any before/after pictures if you have any. :biggrin:

  10. I unfortunately never got a before picture. My bag was shipped to be treated immediately after I purchased.
  11. :smile: Congrats on getting your bag back and fully ready to be used and enjoyed worry free!

  12. Congrats! That's great news. Do you mind me asking which boutique you sent it to in order to get it treated? I think I might get mine done too!did the color change at all?

  13. Would love to see a pic of the bag even without a before shot :smile:
  14. I bought from Bloomingdales, but any boutique will ship it for you. I think mine was sent to California to be treated. Ask your local boutique! I don't know the exact name of the treatment, sorry.
  15. I am very interested in this!!

    Do you remember roughly how long it takes them to finish the treatment? And I believe it's $200 and they misquoted you for $100?