BEFORE and AFTER pics of handle-cleaning-session...

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  1. My new (to me) Mini Mono Marie arrived today:

    I think it was LV_addict who tried baby wipes to clean her handles? Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Anyway, after I built up enough confidence, I tried it on my handles... :supacool: I used one wipe per handle, 3 hours ago - now it's almost dry and it worked :yahoo:The color of the vachetta is much more even now and the black spots are lighter or completely gone :wlae:
    griffe2.jpg griffe4.jpg
  2. looks good :yes:
  3. Looks much bette. I can tell difference.:yes:
  4. It really looks great
  5. wow..looks much better ..thanks for sharing girl...I need to buy baby wipes..
  6. OMG thats amazing!! :nuts:
    i can tell the HUGE difference from looking at the pics..:jammin:
    thanks for sharing the results with us:smile:
  7. Wow, looks so much better, I think I might try the wipes on my LV's now!
    Thanx so much for the pix, and Congrats once again on such a gorgeous bag!
  8. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: They look GREAT!!! :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  9. wow!!! what a difference!!! it looks way better now.
  10. It's so even now. You can tell a big difference..I would have never thought of using baby wipes. Thanks for the tip.
  11. Also tried and yes it worked!
  12. looks amazing !! may i know what brand of baby wipes did you use ? tia
  13. looks great!! i'll have to try that too :yes:
  14. Wow!!! that is amazing! looks great!
  15. wow!! just any baby wipes do you think?
    im amazed haha!
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