Been a vs. old Biblio help?

  1. wow, guess I renewed some interest here...the black one posted on Bonanza just recently is gone already!
  2. I'll be the one prying it from you Enga!! LOL :lol: I've wanted that Lilac Shine Biblio FOREVER!!! It is such a gorgeous color. Need it to go with my Lilac Shine Milo. Also need to nab that Lilac Shine Carryal from Lu(or Toni!!) :graucho:

    And WELCOME BACK!! You've been missed... A LOT!!!:biggrin: I'll write more in the Hangout thread when I'm not so tired. This surgery has wiped me out!!
  3. Ooooh, those lilac smalls are awesome, too!!!!

    Thanks for the welcome, doll! I'm glad you're on the mend from the latest and greatest medical stuffs. I hope that it's all recovery from here-on out! See you in the chat!

    Aaaaand, back about Biblio: I was carrying it when we signed for our first condo (w. 2 babes in tow, filled to the brim!) and decided to bring it to our second signing on the 3 br last month for good luck! (Of course, I had MIL watching the kids that time, and lol, it didn't go quickly at all! They had unsigned docs that held us up for HOURS, what a time suck! Our lawyer was like a little bulldog yapping at them about "breach of contract!" I was thinking, "STFU! We're not backing out of this even if they're gonna take forever until a robosigner does his job!!!!!"
  4. Oh this helps me too! Thanks! Still looking for info on these bags!