Been a vs. old Biblio help?

  1. Hi all, I haven't posted for a long time, but do pop in occasionally. I continue to carry/love my Lorcas, but lately I have been wanting a black pebbled leather bag with two short handles and a longer handle/strap. I came across the Biblio, and did some research. Although after reading many posts, it seems it may be both too large and too heavy for me, I just love the look.

    My question is: are there two versions, an older and a newer? If so, what are the differences?
    Anything in particular I should be aware of?

    Thanks so much! :smile:
  2. Hi Watson's Mom. I don't have a biblio but from what I remember the older ones were in black olive and one other color - I want to say purple? They had a round braided strap and some braid detail on the pockets.
    This video is a rundown of the old version.

    I think the new one has a different lining, braided strap, no braid detail on the pockets, different HH logo tag, comes in more colors and is made in the US.

    I don't recall if anyone has reviewed the new ones yet.
  3. just wanted to add that there are 2 older style biblios on Bonanza (not mine). The Olive one is from a great hottie.
  4. thanks for the info, moth. I actually had found that video on the net, it's the grape shine I think. I was THIS CLOSE to buying the black one on Bonanza last week but it sold before I could finalize things. I like the olive but I have an olive bag, so I prefer the black, and definitely want the older style. I will keep looking!
  5. Watson's Mom, I got that black one! LOL

    The olive one on Bonanza looks nice, not my color, wouldn't go with a single thing in my wardrobe, but it looks soft and smushy. Sometimes broken in is better. Def keep an eye on Bonanza if you decide on an older Biblio, I see them fairly often.
  6. hi Mitzy, good for you! It's funny how sometimes a listing will sit there for a while, and the day you decide to go for it is the day someone else had the same thought! Enjoy the bag!
  7. Hi Watson's Mom.

    Off the top of my head, I believe the Biblio came in Black trimmed in Black Shine,all Grape Shine, and all Olive. There was also a gorgeous sample in Brandy that was never produced. There were two incarnations of the Grape Shine..the original that peeled (aka Peelie) that was a bit brighter and then the second that was a bit darker. The sample Biblio in Olive was a more muted/Taupe Olive while the produced version was almost an Avocado. I believe there were also samples in Lilac (or Iris) Shine and Thorn (Kelly) Spring 2010 that I saw in the show that never went into production, but I can't say definitively..the thread I posted might still have the images.

    The first incarnation also has a version of "the Alien Signal Paddle" (a term I believe was coined by Jennirane) and both a flat as well as a rounded tassel hanging off a braided strand; this is removable. The edges of the pockets were whip-stitched and the detachable braided strap was barrel-stitch braided rather than flat braided.

    Old Style:

    New Style:

    Better yet, in order to really see the difference between them, here's a comparison of old style vs new style in Black:

    Old Style:

    New Style:

    HTH a bit. FWIW..I prefer the old style Biblio. JMHO but it was a bit more sophisticated. I :love: mine and use it often.
  8. that was VERY helpful gingey, thanks. I too prefer the old style. I will be on the lookout for a black one in my price range!
  9. Gingey, let's not forget Lilac Shine in the original lineup!!!!

    Wat'smom: I think that you'll loooove an older biblio. The hangy tassles are just tdf and totally removable if you want a more sleek effect. The rounded handle is chic-er imo, and the pocket-stitching can't be beat. I don't care for the new HH hangtag in the new version. But having more color options is nice, though!
  10. Hey chica..seems like many of us are returning :hugs:..I thought I did mention the Lilac Shine...:biggrin:...ITA with you about the Biblio but I bet there are those who prefer the new version.
  11. I don't know about the new version but the old one is HEAVY even after removing the flair.
  12. Ging--Ooooh, I didn't see that part! D@mn skimming w babies underfoot! (literally!)

  13. CrayonMarks. I'm sorry you find it HEAVY, especially if you liked it and that was the only reason you had to return or rehome it, but others may not. I think it's subjective. :biggrin:

    I have a hard time carrying many bags and I don't find it heavy at all, either hand, arm or even shoulder carried, with or without the "tchotchkes" or flair or tassels and paddle.
  14. For purposes of answering the OP's question on an objective basis, the original Biblio weighs about a pound more than a Lorca.
  15. Thank you for clarifying that for the OP :smile:. Now Watson's Mom can make an informed and objective purchase by adding something that weighs a pound to the Lorca and seeing if it is too heavy for her while bearing in mind that since the Biblio is larger, it serves a different purpose. I know that I tend to cram more into a larger bag so it might indeed be too heavy for someone who is used to a smaller bag even if the larger one weighs the same as a smaller one when it's empty. What a woman WANTS to carry in her purse and what she NEEDS to carry in her purse makes a big difference regardless of the size of the bag....if that makes any sense at all. :biggrin: