Beautiful Tempting Carmino Tote

  1. This just showed up on the NM website. It looks like they have three for pre-sale.
    camino bv.jpg camino bv2.jpg
  2. I must say, I'm fond of the patinated red they employed. It's red without being overwhelming. Very nice.
  3. This is Carmino; when I saw this color back in March at the trunk show, I thought it was a much stronger red, but they did call the bags "prototypes". I like the shading on this bag.
  4. how much is it?
    i dont see it on
  5. I like the shading – tones down the red and provides texture for the overall look. Very lady like. Very nice. Brings to mind mlbags ;)
  6. Oh, sorry. It is $2550. It is through a best customer email. I don't know how to do links. It will be on the site tomorrow if someone else does not give a link first.
  7. Please don't shoot me for saying this - but just when I thought I'm getting quite bored seeing mainly BV classics (namely Veneta, Ball and Campana) in the classic colours (Noir, Ebano, Noce)....!!!

    This is beautiful and I like the structured style of the bag - I've been having too many slouchy bags of late.... And the red is really lovely - I just hope it won't be a strong red as what boxermom remembered. Boxermom - this bag's name is 'Prototypes'?

    Yeah, as me_love_purse is asking, does anyone know how much this will be?
  8. That red, looks classy yet it gives it that "bang" w/o over exaggeration ... I'm really diggin' it... i like it .. i like it...:love:
  9. mlbags, I wrote my reply badly. I meant that the bags they showed last spring were sort of experimental ("prototypes") designs that they planned to produce but might be changed a little. Does that make any sense? I don't know the official name of this bag. I think one of the things they changed a little is the color--this isn't as bright as they had at the trunk show.
  10. I really love the bag, color and shading - lets hope they bring it in for a seasonal bag
  11. gorgeous
  12. Wow, very unique! The color is a subtle punch. Would be interested to see it IRL for comfort of fit and weight.
  13. I'm not a big fan of reds, but the shading of the Carmino does look quite delectable!
  14. Smanthas Collection, are you thinking of getting this bag? if so post some pics. I think you have exquisite taste. i love your home and your ebana borsa cervo cocker!!!