BE Purple Leather Concerns....Yes or No?

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  1. It seems that scattered throughout the threads there are a lot of concerns about the purple BE leather....I am feeling rather anxious about it now, I am in on the order for the purple Love Me, and I certainly don't want to drop that kind of money on something that wears the first week, or has quality concerns..I have no concerns about the black crash I am getting, seems that its very durable and will suit my lifestyle which is NOT babying a bag. I need to use them!

    So I thought perhaps everyone could, in one thread, give their opinion on the purple they have, what style it is, how its lasting, any little concerns, and either positive OR negatives about it. There are a few others voicing their concerns about buying purple now, so maybe this can help us all feel better?

  2. ^^^^^^^^^second this!^^^^!
  3. Im awaiting a SMM in purple...I'm a bit concerned about the durability of this leather. I have too hectic and active a life (with my little ones) to baby bags...I need bags I can use normally and not worry about damage
  4. Here is my main concern. Purple leather is not a natural color, so IMO what is happening with the BE Purple has to be some quality issues; protecting or not. I agree with you Sukey, I am pretty tough on my bags because of my lifestyle too; so when you pay a lot for a bag; there should be some sort assurance that what you are getting is quality and durability.

    I love my SMM Chocolate and would never return it; rare colors colors though have always scared me. The only color I have is RED!!
  5. I have 2 purple BEs and I love them both very much. Besides a little peeling on the one corner of my SM, I have had no problems. Again, the peeling is VERY slight and after applying conditioner on it, the other corners are still perfect. It is a pretty sturdy leather in my opinion. I love my purple BE's and the LMM in purple is in PERFECt condition.

    I am careful with my bags but I still use them and yes they get banged around occasionally but overall it's held up great. My petrol LM is doing great as well and has softened nicely as well. No scratches or anything on that bag and I accidentally walked into a door with it at one point. I freaked, inspected the bag for damages and thankfully saw none. I will say that my bags are fairly new as I only got my LM and LMM in January. My SM, I got in early March. I can't say anythinga bout longevity as of yet but it seems like it will endure and I will have many happy years with my BEs. I hope so anyways!! HTHs!!
  6. I had an inexpensive red bag (Serata was the brand I think) that I beat to hell and it still held up normally Im not afraid of colored leathers (what finally did it in was when DS3 was a baby and got a hold of it and chewed the strap lol). I think that the fact that the bag only cost about $50 made me not afraid to use it and I was surprised at what it went through and kept on looking good. Now I certainly won't let little teeth chew on any of my BEs lol, and I plan on waterproofing and conditioning it if need be, but I really can't baby will have to be able to go to the mall, grocery store, school functions etc and still look good....if not, then why not just go buy another $50 bag that holds up and I don't have to worry about, kwim?
    I have faith in Jackie and her products so hopefully there won't be any issues with any of my (or anyone elses) BE bags :smile:
  7. Trust me, I will still buy BE but I am trending on staying on the path of my natural colors. Jackie is wonderful , she has dealt with my emails for weeks now and has always been so, so pleasant. I love BE and there are more in my future and I am just on the fence about the Purple. My kids and lifestyle is a rough one, especially with the little boy.. I have conditioned by BE SMM for days and will finally use it tomorrow. It's a wait and see game for me.

    Also, if anyone reads this and thinks I am negative toward BE I am not, I am just afraid of color!
  8. I haven't had any problems with my purple SMM. That being said, this leather is not impervious to wear - you will get some wear on the corners showing with regular use, as you would any soft leather. As long as you treat it well by conditioning and waterproofing the leather regularly, it should stay looking nice for a long, long time.
  9. Savvy....I have 4 boys, I so know where you are coming from LOL
  10. Well my other thought is since the newest purple is a crash, is it going to be that more durable compared to the regular purple? The crash has a finish on it, doesn't it, that helps protect it more?

    It just sucks because all this came up AFTER I put my deposit in for the LM order, not that I can't put it towards something else, I adore her bags, but I would have rather sorted through these worries BEFOREHAND LOL!

    Kings_20, how much are you using your LMM? I won't be using the purple Love Me as much as the black crash, so perhaps it still is a good option...
  11. I still, in my heart, think you will be fine. I feel so much for Sara999 because of her issue, but I still think you will be fine. I think Kings_20 rotates her bags a lot, so that maybe the difference. I want a purple SO much, but i want to see Jackie's Purple Crash sample first. Like I said I am on the fence right now!!
  12. I wonder if I should have Jackie switch mine from regular purple to plum crash (which is what I want anyway)--I dont mind waiting til fall for it....I'll have to email her with some questions tomorrow...
  13. May I ask what style BE you are ordering?
  14. The regular purple was the SMM, but since the SMM isnt being made this fall, Id have to choose another style
  15. Jackie emailed me yesterday and told me if there was enough interest in a Purple Crash SM she would make it special if she had enough orders--delivery in July or August. Just thought I would let you know!