BCBG dress! What do you thing??

  1. I like the colors, the print I am slightly less crazy about. The cut is definitely "young", not old. Generally older women are wanting to cover their upper arms and decolletage. I think it could be really pretty.
  2. I like the colors. Definitely does not look "old"..
  3. I like the colors alot- It would look great with pink strappy heels
  4. The colors are pretty but there's something about the rest of it I just don't like.
  5. i don't like the print...very big to me..
  6. It' a nice style and really fabulous color, but I think it would look better if it was shorter.
  7. It's a cute dress..but I wouldn't wear it..there's something about it that said "OLD" but I just don't know what :confused1:
  8. I love the cut of the dress but I think the only thing sort of "old" about it is the huge flowers. Not that it doesn't look good but I think it would look better with a different print.
  9. it's a nay for me.. sorry
  10. ditto
  11. I love the shape and design of it, but I am not crazy about the color, either.
  12. Not very fond of the colors or print. =T
  13. I don't like the print. It looks like a hawaiian shirt that people would wear when they go on a cruise.
  14. Too many things going on as I like my dress pretty simple and not big with patterns. I'm short so this dress definitely won't work. Too long.