Bbags in Paris

  1. Here we are in Paris and I went Bbag shopping at Printemps today. They didn't have a huge selection on display, but when the SA went in back to pull out a bag for me, there were rows and rows of bags stacked on shelves. It was like the Bbag motherlode! AnyhowI'd only planned to get one bag, the flat messenger but walked out with 2: a flat messenger in Sandstone and a City in what the SA called "cafe" which is a deep espresso brown. PHH didn't even flinch when I paid! So I'm carrying the messenger tomorrow when we go out to Verailles, if it isn't raining, that is!
  2. Wow Great Purchase! Pics Please!!
    Ps:cafe' Is Coffee In French
  3. Thanks for the tip. We're going to Paris in Sept. for a week, and I planned to hit Printemps. Glad to know there are so many in the back!
  4. Yay, congrats! Will ask for the ones in the back the next time I'm there. Gotta love Paris :heart:
  5. hello pseub-

    but did you see any sandstone days at printemps? i'll be there in a few weeks and i'm dying to get one!

  6. pics pics!!! did you by chance see any citys in french blue or vert gazon? I am going to paris on thur and dying for one of these!
  7. Lizz, how exciting! You'll be there just in time for the collection colours. I believe Printemps (not BalParis) are, in fact, taking waitlists...
  8. Did you have fun? I can imagine your Sandstone against those opulent drapings in Versailles!:drool:
  9. Congrats for ur two new purchases...don't forget to share pics....:smile: