Bay Area Toki Addicts REJOICE!!...

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  1. It seems to me that Stoneridge Mall's (pleasanton) Nordstrom has gotten in famiglia, and styles include the zucca! I plan on going to the mall when it opens to scope things out for myself...hoping to find me a dolce or a bambino. I dont know if Macys got their shipment in yet though, i'll be sure to report on that when i get back!
  2. This might be a stupid question, but, what dept. do they have the bags at? Everytime I walk into Nordies (in San Diego), I never see the handbag dept (1st floor)?....Brass Plum? Everytime I ask, the SA's are like :huh:??
  3. ^ I was like that too when I went to Macy's and went straight to the handbag section, and got all disappointed when I didnt see toki there. The only SAs there were little old ladies so I didn't bother asking ><

    But then when I walked by the Junior's dept, there they were! Tons of tokis on a table right next to the walkway hehe.

    It was like a light shining on table moment with a choir going "Ahhhhhhhhh!"
  4. I was in Stonestown Mall (SF by SFSU) on July 4th and they had famiglia. It was slim pickings by the time I got there. From what I remember they had one each of the zucca, mm, bv, cc, bella. I had to talk myself out of the mm. I wanted an mm so bad since it's one style I don't have (anyone know if AS mm's exist?). I realized I don't like famiglia that much and I'm not going to pay full price for something I don't love. I also spotted a couple of AS denaros, an AS ciao, and a black denaro with pretty nice placement of the motorcycle and pink hair girls.

    pochacco10: All the Nordies in the Bay Area that I've been to that carry tokis have them in their handbag dept. If it's not in their handbag dept., chances are they dont' carry them.
  5. Arisu & jcl925: Thanks!!! I'm going to check them out again today....;)
  6. Oooh, I'm so excited!! Let us know what you find!! I was just at the mall the other day and there was only black Toki left at Nordies.

    Are you planning on getting something in Famiglia Momo?
  7. Curseee lifee!! Make the tokis come to my department stores :cry:
  8. The Valley Fair's (santa clara) Nordies also got in some famiglia print bags. I didn't really take note which styles they were though. Their Macy's didn't have any yet (this was on July 3rd).

  9. :lol: Arisu :lol:
  10. SF nordies got a whole bunch in too! lotsa different styles
  11. i'm back! and yea i got a dolce in famiglia! its cute, i like it :]

    ok SO...Famiglia style report:

    Macys had: 1 maybe 2 zuccas, 2 campeggios, a few bambinones, 1 dolce, some canguros, some portas, 3 cute looking stellinas, 1 bv, 2 ciao ciaos, and 1 luna (in the back on the wall) from as far as i can remember...

    Nordstrom had: 2 zuccas, 2 bellas, 1 dolce, 1 MM (omg i hope i dont smack myself for not getting it, its REALLY cute), and a ciao ciao or 2. i think thats it...hahaha :p

    good luck ladies!
  12. SWEET! Thanks for the report Momo! I just placed the MM on hold. That is all time favorite Tokidoki style- I can't wait to get down there!! :p
  13. The Macy's at SunValley Mall (Concord) didn't have the Famiglia's yet. Therefore a trip to Stoneridge is in order!
  14. Ill be going to Valleyfair today so im going to have to check out Macys and Nordies.
  15. arggghhh... why don't any of the Nordstroms in the Chicago area have them?