Batignolles Horizontal vs Vavin GM

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  1. I just bought the Batignolles Horizontal recently and love it, although I am also wondering if I should exchange it for the Vavin GM or Luco Tote. Why is there such a price difference, about $200. Is it a lesser LV bag?
  2. I still totally prefer the Batignolles personally, I just prefer it's "character" and details.
    Her's some photos . . . the Luco is from eBay.
    1st Batignolles Horizontal
    2nd is Vavin
    3rd is Luco

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  3. No, the batignolles is not a lesser LV bag.
    The price difference is mainly due to the fact that the Vavin GM and luco tote have more structure (thus, more rigid).
  4. I wonder what it is that gives the Vavin GM and Luco Tote more structure. As we all know, Monogram Series is mostly coated fabric (canvas). My friend tells me her old LV mongrams have leather interiors. Is the fabric interior fairly recent? Thanks for the insight.

  5. You're welcome!
    I don't know what exact year the fabric interior was introduced. But as for the leather interiors, I wish LV would use more leather interiors for their bags - I think it is very classy.
  6. What are the leather interiors coated with?